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Lapis Lazuli

By Matt Kirkham You call me outside to hear the bats and I find I can no longer hear the bats. They flicker from the outstretched sycamores through a world of rarefied speech normalised, their accents no longer open to me. The clouds above the light-spilling city, above its flat streets, above the mountains beyond […]

James and Jack Travers

By Rachael Hegarty James Travers’s Deposition and Statement at the Coroner’s Court 02.10.03 I am James Travers, brother of the deceased, Thomas (Jack) Travers. Jack worked for himself, supplying wood shavings for chicken farms. On the 17th of May 1974 I heard the news of the bombings in Dublin. I drove home to Monaghan. On […]


By Joseph Woods No sooner had the President been sworn in when cholera stalked the high-density neighbourhoods of the capital and, with medieval aplomb scythed a score and more. An early act of grace by the President was to pay passage for the former First Lady and adversary, to attend her mother’s funeral. Five-thousand air-miles […]

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