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51975Jocelyn Carter1Diary
61975Jocelyn Carter1A Man of the Music
71975Ciarán Carson1At the Windy Gap, 1910
81975John Heath-Stubbs1Seven Poems
101975Leland Bardwell1Commander Robert Cooper
111975Leland Bardwell1Sally Anne
121975Leland Bardwell1The Adventures of Orpheus and Eurydice
151975David Wright1Dedicatory Verses for a Book of Poems
161975Paul Durcan1Plato Lucy's Furniture Arcarde
171975Paul Durcan1Going Home to Moldow
171975James Liddy1From "The Love Songs of Galway"
181975Pamela Good1The Fence
191975Pamela Good1Sacrificial Shapes
201975Alice Green1I've seen the old horse stables
211975Alfred Allen1Four Poems
251975John Hewitt1The Fool's Cap
261975Robert O'Donoghue1Don Juan
271975Robert O'Donoghue1Bereft
281975Robert O'Donoghue1The Witness
291975Robert O'Donoghue1Sleep Has His House
311975Daniel Reardon1At Risk
321975Michael Kane1An Imaginary Translation from an Unknown Language
331975Michael Kane1Such Vistas Give the Mind Delight
341975Deborah Coulter1Dedicated to the Bum with the Big BedFebruary, 1975
351975Hedi Bouraoui1Elle Se Celebrein French
361975Desmond O'Grady1The RuinGreece 1974/75
371975Desmond O'Grady1WomanGreece, 1974
371975Desmond O'Grady1Wife Love
381975Dermot Healy1The Prophecy, The Identity and The Wish
411975Gerald Mangan1Canute Groans by the Sea
421975Deborah Tall1As Each Grain Moves
441975Deborah Tall1The Enchantress Introduces Her Husband
461975Macdara Woods1For Jack Walsh d. London 1973December, 1974
471975An tSr. M. Fionntain1Scríob
481975Pearse Hutchinson1on African Writingreview
491975Robert Welch1on James Clarence ManganReview
511975David Wright1on Paul DurcanReview
51975James Brennan2Saturday Nightfiction
81975John Buckley2? ??????????
91975John Buckley2Wed Oct 15 One Twenty One A.M.
101975Robert Welch2Sa Ghaillimh
101975Robert Welch2Do Dharach O Cathain, Amhranai
111975Daniel Reardon2Two True Stories About Pidgeons
121975Paul van Ostaijen2Two poemsTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonFlemish
141975Salvador Espriu2ManikinTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonCatalan
151975Carlos Maria Gutierrez2VisitTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonSpanish
161975Ruth Adam2Mary-Mary Poems
181975Ruth Adam2Winter Drive
71985Patrick McCann24God Bless the Hearerfiction Portlaoise, 1985
101985Macdara Woods24Days of May 1985for Niall
111985Macdara Woods24Bona Fides
121985Padraig J. Daly24Strike
131985Padraig J. Daly24Harborne, 1984
131985Shirley A. Serviss24Apples in a Pie
141985Shirley A. Serviss24Picking Raspberries
151985Shirley A. Serviss24Summer Holidays
161985Brian C. P. Connors24Tap Out Feelings Like Precious Oils[…from the Ground]
171985John Grenham24Savonarola
181985Conor Bowman24And You Wait in the Background like the Future
191985Theo Dorgan24Ending
201985Anne Hartigan24Painted Waves
211985Michael O'Sullivan24from Paragraphsfiction
221985Eugene Dubnov24On the Journey (fiction)Translated by the author and John Heath-StubbsRussian
241985Eugene Dubnov24A School Outing (fiction)Translated by Kevin WindleRussian
281985F.T. Gallagher24Avoca Mines
291985Susan Schreibman24If I Could Tell You
301985Conleth O'Connor24Stormclouds
301985Michael Torney24The Schizophrenic
311985Michael Torney24Making Coleslaw in a Restaurant
321985J. Kates24Pastorale
341985Rosita Boland24Summer with Clara
341985Alan Dixon24The Twelfth of May
351985Gerard Smyth24Blessingtonfor Karl
361985Patrick Galvin24The Unknown Mother
381985Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin24The Promise
391985Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin24The Hill-Town
401985Patrick Maddock24After They Took the Bend Away
411985Hazel Smith24The Wait
421985Rita Ann Higgins24Goddess on the Mervue Bus
431985Rita Ann Higgins24Unnecessary Work
441985Noel X. Ebony24The Other NightTranslated from French by Eilean Ni Chuilleanain
441985Paddy Bushe24NeighboursSee also Pádraig Bushe
451985Paddy Bushe24Portrait of a Woman SewingSee also Pádraig Bushe
461985Charles Cullen24Two Drawings
481985J. Kates24on Latin American PoetryReview
501985Vivan Mercier24on Attitudes to UlsterReview
51986Nuala Archer25from The Wing of an Ordinary Dragonfly
61986Ciaran O'Driscoll25Epworth Old Rectory
81986Thomas Lynch25A Last Word on the Rapture to his True Love
101986Heather Brett25Why?
101986Heather Brett25The Waitingfiction
131986Jim Feeney25Courtenay, B.C.
131986Jim Feeney25Renovations
141986Padraig McGrane25The Work Ethic
151986Richard Riordan25Brian
161986T.H. Parry Williams25SeoLiam MacCoil a d'aistrigh on mBreatnais, 'Hon'Welsh
171986Máirtín Ó Direáin25SceoinBealtaine 1986
181986Sarah Cotterill25The Hive Burning
191986Sarah Cotterill25Harvest Songsadapted from the Quechua
201986Mekeel McBride25Suitcase, Unaccompanied
211986Mark Lawlor25Nocturnefiction
251986John Jordan25The Short Unhappy Exile of Don GeraldoPara John Liddy, amigo
261986Tonino Guerra25DeathTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonRomagnolo
261986Rosalia Castro25DowryTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonGalician
271986Pere Quart25Final NightTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonCatalan
281986Macdara Woods25CloseupAgello 1985
291986Ewart Milne25Messages
291986Ewart Milne25MusicWinter-Spring 1985
301986Jacques Brel25My Father Would SayTranslation by Aidan Hayes of 'Mon Pere disait' by Jacques Brel
311986Edward McWhinney25Jersey Murphyfiction
341986Moya Cannon25Thalassasee also Máire Ní Chanainn
351986Francis Devine25Forty Years OnFor Cor Meibion Onllwyn
371986Patrick Deeley25The Cactus and the Grey-Coated Man
381986Pat Boran25Widow, Shopping in Portlaoise
391986Thomas McCarthy25Doing the Stationsfor Paddy Galvin and Sean Dunne
401986John O'Donoghue25Cottage
411986Lois Crighton25Two Photographs
431986Pearse Hutchinson25on Daibhi O BruadairReview
501986Eva Bourke25Paul CelanReview
51987Adrian Kenny26Alive with Jesusfiction
91987Macdara Woods26Making Amends to Susa
101987Macdara Woods26Lazarus in Fade Street, Summer 1986Agello/Dublin Summer 1986
121987Padraig Rooney26The Gym Teacher
131987Patrick Galvin26My Lamb to the Seafor Leland Bardwell
141987Leo Lavery26Influences
141987Leo Lavery26Salvation Son!
151987Leo Lavery26Stranger in the Citymemoir
181987Nuala Archer26From a Mobile Home: Kickin' Ass Quietly
201987Christine Michael26I'll Go Home to Annie
211987Siobhán Campbell26The Auctioneer
221987Gerald Mangan26Four Seasonsfor Lyn
231987Gerald Mangan26Quatorze Juillet
241987Francis Devine26'Up Gralton'for Maggie and Packie
261987Ewart Milne26A Moody Day
261987Michael Cullup26Crab
271987Jim Chapson26In the Natural History Museum
281987John Jordan26Dark Nightfiction
331987James McCabe26Lady Dionysus
341987Sujata Bhatt26The First Meeting
351987Sujata Bhatt26At the Marketplace
361987Eamon Grennan26Walking to Work
371987Lotte Kramer26Coffee Grinding
381987Liam Mac Cóil26Liebestraum
391987Máire C. Holmes26Margadh
401987Eoin McNamee26Greengrocer. London S.E.11
411987Richard Riordan26On Hearing Voices
411987Edward Power26Burning in Artane
421987Paddy Bushe26AlignmentsSee also Pádraig Bushe
431987Maurice Farley26The Revenant
431987Maurice Farley26The Depressive
441987Seán Purser26Then
451987Joseph Shanahan26Rainfiction
501987Brian Lalor26Etching
511987Gabby Dowling26Charcoal Drawing
521987Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin26on Brian CoffeyReview
551987Eoin Bourke26on Pearse Hutchinsonreview
51987Paul Durcan27Peredelkino: At the Grave of Pasternak
81987Georg Trakl27CaoineadhAistrithe ag Gabriel Rosenstock
81987Hans Werner Cohn27TitimAistrithe ag Gabriel Rosenstock
91987J. Kates27Momma's Hotelfiction
151987Gerard Smyth27Memoir
161987Michael Coady27The Invisible Hotel
171987Francis Devine27The White Calf of Rath Cairn
181987Eamonn Lynskey27Campaign
201987Padraig McGrane27Parting
201987Padraig McGrane27Is It Mushrooms?
211987Pat Boran27Guitarfor Kate
211987Shane Harrison27Someday Our Oceanfiction
241987Shirley A. Serviss27Living Together
241987Shirley A. Serviss27For Sale By Owner
261987Padraig J. Daly27Child
261987Padraig J. Daly27From A Vietnamese Takeaway
271987Padraig J. Daly27Guard
271987Ted McCarthy27An Exhibition of Old Photographs
291987Marie Dutoy27In Dublin's Fair Cityfiction (pseudonym: author in prison)
381987Knute Skinner27Slumping
391987Patricia Kevan27Forerunnerfor Jaleh at two months
391987Heather Brett27Visiting Rights
401987Francis Barry27Franciscos' Bull
421987Alan Dixon27The Young John Nash (c. 1912)
431987Maurice Farley27At Mellifont
191975Macdara Woods2Derryribeen, WestportJune 16, 1975
191975Macdara Woods2Rockpools 2
201975Hugh Popham2Falling Swan
211975Pamela Good2Now There Are Five
221975Reiner Kunze2Deireadh na bhFabhalscéaltaAistrithe le Tomás Mac SheoinGerman
221975Reiner Kunze2ÍseallanúAistrithe le Tomás Mac SheoinGerman
231975P.J Kavanagh2The New Housefor Pearse Hutchinson
241975Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin2Séamus MurphySeamus Murphy, died 2nd October, 1975
251975Paul Durcan2Man and Boy at Spring Show
261975Paul Durcan2The Baker
271975Paul Durcan2At My Grandmother's Funeral
281975Paul Durcan2Sunday Afternoon at Seaside
291975Paul Durcan2In Memory of Those Murdered in the Dublin MassacreMay-74
301975Hugh Maxton2Abides
311975Daniel P. Stokes2Grudges to Bear
321975Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli2Choosing a PopeTranslated by Cormac Ó CuilleanáinRoman
331975Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli2The Lord and CainTranslated by Cormac Ó CuilleanáinRoman
331975Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli2The Miserere in Holy WeekTranslated by Cormac Ó CuilleanáinRoman
341975Leland Bardwell2Has Elizabeth Shaved Her Head?
351975Leland Bardwell2For Dermot and Anne-Marie on Attending the Birth[…the Birth of Dallan]
361975Brian Lynch2Flowers Fresh Flowers
361975Brian Lynch2Pass and It Shall Be ClosedAug-75
371975Brian Lynch2Dublin and BelfastJuly 24, 1975. For Paul Durcan
381975Patricia McCarthy2To a Psychiatrist
391975Leo Lavery2Suburban Summer
401975Gerald Mangan2The Page
411975Macdara Woods2on Alfred AllenReview
421975Pearse Hutchinson2on Gearoid Ó ClerighReview
451975Allan Bell2on Brendan KennellyReview
461975Allan Bell2on Robert GreacenReview
481975Hugh McFadden2on Pearse Hutchinsonreview
501975Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin2on Seamus HeaneyReview
51976Adrian Kenny3Work in Regressfiction
131976Seán Ó Curraoin3Marú Liamháin
131976Gad Olufemi Sobowale3White Peacock1972 ILE-IFE
141976Tunde Lakoju3A Gambler's Lament
151976Tunde Lakoju3Twenty-One Steps
161976Alfred Allen3Do not regret the older things that pass…
171976Gerard Fanning3Occupations: Germans over Belfast 1940August, 1975
181976Sebastian Barry3At a Gate of St. Stephen's Green
191976Sebastian Barry3Old Trees Shake Their Leather Leaves
201976Paul Durcan3Wife Who Smashed Television Gets Jail
211976Ciarán Carson3Twine
221976Leo Lavery3One Cousin
231976Leo Lavery3Vergiss Die Hirten….
241976Iain Crichton Smith3Wardrobes
241978Michael Augustin9Don't Come At Me With Poemstranslated by H. Christian Conover and the authorGerman
251978Michael Augustin9Komm Mir Nicht Mit Gedichten
271978Gerald Mangan9Cloghereen
281978Tadeusz Rozewicz9SurvivorTranslated by Krzysztof Z CiescowskiPolish
291978Konstanty Ildefons Galczynski9On the Death of Esterina, a Venetian Girl DeportedTranslated by Krzysztof Z CiescowskiPolish
301978Derek Mahon9Two Poems for John and Evelyn MontagueCork, July 1978
311978Thomas McCarthy9Star Pisces/Almost Life
321978J. Ardle McArdle9More Suspension Than Separation
331978Donal Ahern9Bob's Flower
341978Dara Wier9The Moon and Not Japan
341978Dara Wier9Colorless Green Ideas
351978Dara Wier9In the Case of Conflict
361978Theresa Kishkan9Footstepsfor Susan Musgrave
371978Padraig J. Daly9Dead On Admission
371978Seán Clarkin9Thought for the Day
381978James Brennan9On Cutting the Taste
391978Seán Hutton9Ar An Taobh ó Thuaidh Den Cathair
391978Seán Hutton9Ag Siopadóireacht Tigh W.H. Smith
401978Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill9A Crowning Gloryin English
401978Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill9Clobuailteoir
411978Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill9Rogha Na mBan
431978Brian Lalor9Kitchen Drawing - from the House of Abu Ibrahim
461978Robert Greacen9Ezra Pound in Old Age
471978Robert Chandler9on Translations of MandelstamReview
521978Eilís Dillon9on Seanchas Thomais LaighleisReview
541978Daniel Reardon9on Thomas McCarthyReview
51979Aileen Ahearne10As Cold As Charityfiction
101979John Buckley10Afternoon
111979John Ennis10Addiction
121979Medbh McGuckian10Aunts
121979Medbh McGuckian10Inch
131979Linda Anderson10Gang-Bang, Ulster Style
141979Pearse Hutchinson10To Maria Spiridonovna on her Keeping15 September 1978: Wexford
151979Pearse Hutchinson10Cinnlae Na Gorta Bigefeabhra 75
161979Gabriel Rosenstock10Nuair A Smaoiním Ar Rúin
161979Gabriel Rosenstock10Sean Ó Riordáin
161979Gabriel Rosenstock10Ag Léamh An Pháipéir
171979Gabriel Rosenstock10Radharc
171979Cathal Ó Searcaigh10Scrúdú Coinsiasa Roimh Dhul Chun Suain
181979Anthony Pearce10Lagos Brothelfiction
201979Alan Biddle10An Bhliain Ag Fás
201979Leo Lavery10Between Times
211979Leo Lavery10Utlagi
221979P.J. Kavanagh10Borris House, Co. Carlow
251976John F. Deane3Facing North
261976Pamela Good3Inishbofin
271976Justin O'Mahony3Les Banques de la Grande Canaille
281976James Brennan3Naturally I Went
291976Deborah Tall3The Love Lifes
291976Deborah Tall3Ninth Life
301976P.J. Kavanagh3Two Poems
311976Alan Biddle3Norfolk
321976Pat Reid3The MusicianTo Padraig Choilm O Cualain. Maoinis, 1976
331976Seamus Heaney3In Memoriam: Sean Ó Riada
341976Dermot Healy3My Kiss TooLondon 1975
351976Thomas Whitty3Three Poems
371976Fred Johnston3Mick
381976Gabriel Rosenstock3Nuair Is……..
381976Gabriel Rosenstock3Déirc
391976Robert O'Donoghue3Cailleach
401976Robert O'Donoghue3and men in lorries
411976Robert O'Donoghue3Union
411976Daniel Reardon3Bicycle crossbar
421976Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin3on Michael Hartnett and Augustus YoungReview
441976Pearse Hutchinson3on Somhairle Mac Gill-EainReview
481976Pearse Hutchinson3on Aquarius 8Review
501976Anthony Cronin3on Eilean Ni ChuilleanainReview
521976Robert Welch3on Darach Ó CatháinReview
51976Lucile Redmond4Motherfiction
71976Robert Greacen4Captain Fox Remembers a Childhood Holiday
81976Tomás Mac Siomóin4Ar Théama De Chuid Horatius
91976Tomás Mac Siomóin4Ar Théama Eile De Chuid Horatius
101976Leo Lavery4East Down View
151976Deborah Tall4The Sculptor's Studio: Etchings By Picasso
161976Daniel Reardon4Easter '76 and the 80 Year Old Man
171976Daniel Reardon4Two Windy Mornings
181976Gunter Ernst4Three PoemsTranslated by Michael Augustin and Pearse Hutchinson
191976Ivan Malinovsky4Four PoemsTranslated by Carl King
201976John Buckley4Prose
211976John Buckley4Poem
221976Hugh Maxton4A Seasonal Place
231976Hugh Maxton4Hollow Eden
241976Paul Durcan4In Memory: The Miami Showband
251976Paul Durcan4Gogo's Late Wife Tranquilla
251976Paul Durcan4A Bevy in Winter
251976Paul Durcan4Son of the Melancholy One
261976John Montague4Her Kiss
271976John Montague4The Furious Mole
281976Caitlín Maude4Tiomáint Na Bó
291976Seán Ó Curraoin4Le Linn Franco
291976Seán Ó Curraoin4Anáil Ar Scáthán
301976Desmond Francis Ryan4To Die for a CauseAfter the song by Georges Brassens, Mourir Pour Des Idees
311976Benedict Ryan4For Sebastian
301985Macdara Woods23Two Photographs
321985Macdara Woods23Enclosed A Cheque
321985Macdara Woods23Houserules
331985Macdara Woods23Unfinished Business
341985John F. Deane23Ursula
361985Hugh O'Donnell23Kinds of a Poem
371985Ethna McKiernan23Speed
381985Gerard Smyth23Hen Woman
391985Clairr O'Connor23Burning
401985Valerie Thornton23Twilight Sight
411985Patrick Galvin23Spanish Testament
421985Leo Lavery23August 84 - Rain
431985Eamon Grennan23Burial
441985Robert Greacen23The Wheel of History
451985Marina Tsvetaeva231939Translated by Eugene Dubnov and John Heath-Stubbs
461985Anna Akhmatova23Two PoemsTranslated by Eugene Dubnov and John Heath-Stubbs
461985Richard Riordan23The Naked Cry
481985John Jordan23on Caitlín MaudeReview
511985J. Ardle McArdle23on Aidan Murphy and Philip CaseyReview
541985Adewale Maja-Pearce23on Okot p'BitekReview
51985Padraig Rooney24The Underground City at Kaymakli
51985Padraig Rooney24In the Bonsai Garden
61985Augustus Young24Ionian BacktrackBrindisi, September 1984
441987Sabine Wichert27Bondage
451987Sabine Wichert27Departure
461987Suzanne Ellis2713-Nov-86
461987Janet Shepperson27August Letter
471987Leo Lavery27In Ulster Autumn
481987Derry O'Sullivan27Beirt Bhaintreach Bheanntrai / Widow's Deal
491987Macdara Woods27Photographs of Paul Durcan in Ringsend
531987Sebastian Barry27on Macdara WoodsReview
551987J. Ardle McArdle27on James SimmonsReview
581987Pearse Hutchinson27on 'Innti' and 'An Tonn Gheal'Review
51987Leland Bardwell28The Bingo Bus
61987Leland Bardwell28Lila's Potatoesfor Mary Loughlin
71987James Brennan28The Preservationist
71987James Brennan28Sunday
71987James Brennan28Lord Lucan's Estate
81987Joan McBreen28Another Woman
91987Joan McBreen28The Woman in the Yellow Dress
101987Kurt Neuburger28Misinformation Pumice-Stonetrans. Anton Kirchofer and Pearse Hutchinson
111987Paddy Bushe28In Clonmel JailA version from Gaelic
121987Augustus Young28Coming of Age
121987Francis Devine28Three Lovers
141987Jim McCarthy28Balloonsfiction
221987Greg Sweetnam28Mother Is Always There
321976Michael Kane4Lines Written Under Hangover Causing Misreadingof "Inishbofin" by Pamela Good, published in Cyphers 3
321976Michael Kane4Treasuries
331976Michael Kane4Diamond Island Waltz
341976Margaret Andrews4Reunion/Hangover
351976Margaret Andrews4Unthawing
361976Declan Sweeney4Horse in Winter
371976C.E. Ward4You were nooky, delved, wood-buried…
381976Macdara Woods4Sequence for Carrington
401976Macdara Woods4For My Grandmother, Nora Wooloughan
411976Thomas Whitty4An Evening Out
421976Patrick Galvin4Ballad of Sister Mary
431976Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin4Two Poems from CORKfrom a sequence of poems, CORK
441976Paul Durcan4on Hugh Maxton and Ciaran carsonReview
481976Vivian Mercier4on Two Decades of Irish WritingReview
521976Robert O'Donoghue4on John JordanReview
51977James Brennan5A Natural Woman Gets Therefiction
81977Leland Bardwell5The Old Man Dead
91977Leland Bardwell5Moving House
101977Patrick Galvin5A Letter to the Minister
131977John F. Deane5Miracle in Thomas Place
141977Thomas McCarthy5Chiselled Rock
151977Thomas McCarthy5The First Convention
161977Pádraig Ó Fiannachta5Domhnach Na Siochana II
171977Pádraig Ó Fiannachta5Do Mham
181977Tomás Mac Siomóin5Ar Theama De Chuid Lao Tse
181977Tomás Mac Siomóin5ZigIn English
201977Tomás Mac Siomóin5Blackcatin English
211977Allan Bell5Prose Place
221977Macdara Woods5The Wicked MessengerJanuary 15th 1977
251977Redwan Abushwesha5Three Libyan Tales: The Valley Blooms in SeptemberTranslated by the author Orla Woods Macdara WoodsArabic
271977Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin5Morning in March
271977Leslie Webb5The Golf Club
281977Richard Riordan5The Life and Times Of…
291977Richard Riordan5Father-Love
291977Richard Riordan5D'accord
301977Padraig J. Daly5Summers in Doneraile
311977Tom Phillips5In Co. Offaly
321977Michael Augustin5Letter of ComplaintTranslated by the author and Pearse Hutchinson
321977Michael Augustin5Around 5 p.m.Translated by the author and Pearse HutchinsonGerman
341977Ruth Adam5Winter Holiday
351977Ruth Adam5The Camp-Fire and the Dark
361977Alfred Allen5Here is a tale of modesty outraged…
371977Alan Dixon5Reflections on the Christmas Washing
371977Sydney Bernard Smith5The Constant
381977Gerard Smyth5Plaster Saints and Maniacs
391977David Cooke5Gull Morningfor Kevin Mulqueen
391977David Cooke5Deep
401977Pat Reid5Roses
411977Pat Reid5Visit to a Surgeon
421977John Jordan5Staff Nurse
421977John Jordan5Poor Anna
431977Francis Harvey5Elegy for the Islanders
441977Francis Harvey5Death of a Single Sheepman
451977Francis Harvey5Dorothy Wordsworth in Belfast
461977Patrick Galvin5on Paul DurcanReview
481977Adrian Kenny5on Brian LynchReview
501977Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin5on Austin ClarkeReview
521977Pearse Hutchinson5on Danny McCarthyReview
51977Gillman Noonan6Windfiction
91977Matthew Sweeney6Island
101977Gabriel Rosenstock6Trí Dánta
111977Hugh Maxton6The Processfor Dennis and Sylvia Ttopate
131977Jim Feeney6Relativity
141977David Lloyd6Deucalion
151977Hayden Murphy6Twin Incest
161977Macdara Woods6Notes from the Grave
181977Brian Lynch6The Crucified
191977Brian Lynch6In a Dream
201977John F. Deane6Interlude
211977Redwan Abushwesha6Two Libyan Tales: The Cord of SandTranslated by the author; Orla Woods, Macdara WoodsArabic
231977Aidan Murphy6Accident
251977Máirtín Ó Direáin6Buíochas
251977Francis Harvey6Elegy for a Robin
261977Bartomeu Rossello-Porcel6To Mallorca, During the Civil WarTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonCatalan
261977Salvador Espriu6from La Pell de BrauTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonCatalan
281977Felix Redmill6I'll Meet You There
291977Robert Greacen6Fox Visits the New China
301977Gerald Mangan6The Present Participle
311977Patricia McCarthy6To the Son of a Lost Lover
321977Patricia McCarthy6The Return
331977Leo Lavery6In Memoriam
341977Paul Durcan6Norah and Hilda
351977Erik Haugaard6The Bright Plumaged Bird
361977Seán Hutton6on Scríobh I and IIReview
391977W.J. McCormack6on John MontagueReview
431977Daniel Reardon6on Brendan Kennelly, Gerard Smyth, & John F. DeaneReview
451977Macdara Woods6on Somhairle Mac Gill-EainReview
51977-8Michael Stephens7Eyesight
91977-8Felix Redmill7Evening on the Pier
101977-8Patrick Galvin7Notes for an Autobiographyautobiography
141977-8Rafael Squirru7from NumerosTranslated by C.E. WardSpanish
161977-8Dennis Kelly7Cousin Harry's Flight from Rome
171977-8Dennis Kelly7The Window
181977-8John Jordan7Last RomanticMadrid, September, 1977
181977-8John Jordan7For Julius Henry Marx (1891-1977)Valldolid-Madrid, 21 August - 1 September, 1977
191977-8Sebastian Barry7Hermaphroditus
201977-8P.J. Kavanagh7Vespers at Prinknash Abbey
211977-8P.J. Kavanagh7Saying Prayers
221977-8P.J. Kavanagh7Sun and Storm
221977-8Peter Kane DuFault7The Goshawk
231977-8Dermot Healy7The Island and the Calvesfiction
281977-8Michael Foley7ApresAdapted from Tristan Corbiere
291977-8James Simmons7For Imelda
301977-8Micheál Ó hAirtnéide7Láib, leac, linn 's laparnachsee also Michael Hartnett
311977-8Seán Ó Tuama7Smugairle Roin Sa Bhrothall
311977-8Seán Ó Tuama7Seapanach Nar Thainig Go hEirinn
321977-8Paul Durcan7Parents
321977-8Paul Durcan7The Pregnant Proprietress of the Fish and Chipper
331977-8Paul Durcan7Fat Molly
341977-8Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin7He Hangs in Shade the Orange Bright
351977-8Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin7The Last Glimpse of Erin
351977-8George Campbell Hay7Irische strophetrilingual
361977-8Seamus Heaney7Leavings
371977-8Seamus Heaney7The Skunk
371977-8Tom Phillips7Shower
381977-8Thomas McCarthy7Black Dots
391977-8Francis Stuart7on Leland BardwellReview
401977-8Brian Lynch7on Seamus Deane and Augustus YoungReview
431977-8Leland Bardwell7on Aidan Carl MatthewsReview
61978Donnchadh Ruadh MacConmara8The Adventures of the Feckless Fellow (Part I)Translated by Gearóid Ó ClérighIrish
101978Leland Bardwell8Mad Riderfiction
191978Ewart Milne8Morning Has Spoken
201978Sydney Bernard Smith8Anti-Calvin
201978Sydney Bernard Smith8Death Like Life
201978Sydney Bernard Smith8After Paul Klee's Virgin in the Tree
211978Sydney Bernard Smith8Family Group With Feelings
221978Macdara Woods8from Maghreb to Sago Lane
251978Seán Hutton8Aisling Thromluíoch fá Bhallaí Bhaile Átha Cliaith
261978Patricia McCarthy8My Father's Letters Destroyed
271978Anne Hartigan8Scar
281978Thomas Dillon Redshaw8Shadow Box
291978Elizabeth Smart8The Smile on the Face of the Newly Born
301978Dermot Healy8The Circus
301978Dermot Healy8From What Wretched Orifices
311978Dermot Healy8Veterans
311978David Smith8Questions
321978Peter Kane DuFault8Bernie
371978Varlam Tikhonovich Shalamov8The Snake-Charmer (fiction)Translated by Robert Chandler, with Michael ScannellRussian
421978Matthew Sweeney8Wasp
431978Matthew Sweeney8Highnoon
441978Paul Durcan8A Drunk Judge Looks at the Accused
441978Paul Durcan8Sister Agnes Writes to her Beloved Mother
451978Seán Dunne8Lament from Another Room
461978Emyr Humphreys8A Household in the South
471978Emyr Humphreys8Considering Timefrom 'Ymson Ynghylch Amser,' by Robert Williams ParryWelsh
481978Vicente Aleixandre8El Visitante / The VisitorTranslated by William MarlingSpanish
491978Patrick Galvin8on Tom Murphy's "Famine"Review
511978Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin8on John Montague and Desmond O'GradyReview
561978David Norris8on John Jordan's "Yarns"Review
51978Donnchadh Ruadh MacConmara9The Adventures of the Feckless Fellow (Part II)Translated by Gearóid Ó Clérigh
101978Varlam Tikhonovich Shalamov9Berries (fiction)Translated by Robert Chandler & Michael ScannellRussian
121978Paul Wilkins9In Rye Churchyard
141978Patrick Galvin9To Maria On His Birthday
151978Robert O'Donoghue9For Patrick On My Birthday
161978Michael Coady9Grass Will Grow On Graves
171978Finbarr Crowley9Age
181978Paul Durcan9Lament for Cearbhall O Dalaigh
201978Paul Durcan9The Child Atheist
211978Paul Durcan9Going Home to Mayo, Winter, 1949
221978Macdara Woods9My Great Great Grandfather Arrivesfiction
231979P.J. Kavanagh10Where You Watching Are
241979Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin10from The Rose-Geranium
251979Dermot Healy10The Shells
261979Leland Bardwell10Blackbush
271979Leland Bardwell10Children's Games
281979Philip Casey10No Words Mean One Thing Only
291979Anne Hartigan10Brazen Image
301979F.D. Sheridan10The Empty Ceilingfiction
331979Sebastian Barry10Two Brothers Up
341979J. Kates10Minneapolisfor Edward Pincus
341979J. Kates10Cracking Under Pressure
351979Aidan Murphy10Appearances
361979Seán Lucy10Stale Slice
361979Sydney Bernard Smith10To My Typewriter on its 21st and My 42nd Birthday
381979Thomas Morgan10Granda
391979Macdara Woods10A Sea of Leaded Rooves…Oct-71
411979Brian Lalor10Mahane Jehuda (The Jewish Market)Drawing from the Orthodox Jewish Quarter
441979Padraig J. Daly10Carker House
451979Francis Harvey10Ulster Culture: The Divided Psychearticle
471979Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin10Drawing Linesarticle
511979Leland Bardwell10on "The Drumlin"Review
521979John Jordan10on Paul Durcan's "Sam's Cross"Review
541979Pearse Hutchinson10on Ivan MalinovskiReview
51979F.D. Sheridan11Tomorrow I Shall Sail Across Castilefiction
111979Ewart Milne11The Red Cow
121979Ewart Milne11Knowledge
141979John F. Deane11John Stokes Esq.
151979B. Connolly11Crawley's Parcel
161979Áine Ní Ghlinn11Sa Chistin
171979Áine Ní Ghlinn11Sochraid
181979Ronan Sheehan11The Death of Petroniusfiction
281979J. Kates11Offering
291979William J. Leahy11Those Blond Women of Chicago in the Late Thirtiesfiction
321979Paul Durcan11A Poem Fast Resuming
331979Seán Golden11After Reading Sonia Gernes's Compensation
341979John Heath-Stubbs11A Negative Way
351979Macdara Woods11For Robert Newman-Ryan, Died Cogaula, Sept 29 1979
361979Nuala Archer11Marriage
371979Nuala Archer11Gypsy Asleep
381979Matthew Sweeney11That Street
391979Paul Smyth11Aubade
411979Mary Jane White11The Forgotten and Charismtic Artist Aimée
441979Gerald Mangan11The Up-Town Bar, MacCurtain Street, CorkDrawing
451979John Jordan11on Sean O RiordainReview
491979Norah Golden11"A Note on Ingrid Jonker"article
521979Macdara Woods11on Thomas KinsellaReview
531979Brian Lynch11on John Hewitt and Paul WilkinsReview
51980Pádraic Ó Conaire12Invitationtranslated by Pat Reid
81980Jim Chapson12Blackbird
81980Philip Casey12In Loving Memory of Maura Laverty
91980Brian Coffey12Moicel et Soim
101980Michael Wilder12Today the Sea Seemed Calm
111980Brian J. MacGuigan12Saga
121980Tomás Mac Síthigh12Cill Chraolach
131980John Jordan12MalagaAug-78
141980Elizabeth Peavoy12Elise En Afrique
151980Leland Bardwell12Two Extracts from a Novel, "London"fiction
231980Aidan Matthews12Petitions
241980Neil Littlewood12How It Lands
241980Neil Littlewood1230th Year with the Best Grown
251980Eddie S. Linden12Where Lovers Never MeetFor Tony Whooley, May 1979
261980Paul Durcan12At the Altar-Rails, Watching A Marriage Go Die
271980Sebastian Barry12Below Old Down Wood
281980Michael O'Loughlin12The Cold Winds of the Heart
291980Michael O'Loughlin12Copenhagen Dreaming of Leningrad
301980Seán Hutton12Litir Do Chara
321980Anthony Pearce12Civil War: The Liberation of N--fiction
231987Macdara Woods28Santa Maria Novella
241987Macdara Woods28Street Scenes
251987John Hughes28What the Dark Brings
261987John Huges28Endgame
261987Patrick Galvin28The Colours of Santiagofor Pearse Hutchinson
271987Patrick Galvin28The Oldest Man in Gernika
291987Dan McCarthy28Drum Salt
301987Pól Breathnach28Foilsiú
311987Pól Breathnach28AitheantasIn Inis Oírr Dom
311987Stiofán Ó Cadhla28Cúltíreach
321987Edward McWhinney28Day of the Guillemotsfiction
351987Osip Mandelstam28A Gang of ThievesTranslated by Eugene Dubnov and John Heath-Stubbs
351987Osip Mandelstam28LamarckTranslated by Eugene Dubnov and John Heath-Stubbs
361987Jo Slade28Fish Bird
371987Leo Lavery28Rain
381987J. Kates28I-10, El Paso 1985
381987J. Kates28Forsythia
391987James Simmons28Capital Punishment: U.S.A.
401987Eamonn Jordan28Humpty Dumpty Phones Home. Again.
411987Pat Boran28Golem
421987Pat Boran28Bela Lugosi (Born Aritzid Olt)A Life as Dracula
441987Pat Boran28Map-Readingfor Liam Brady
461987Arthur Broomfield28To Lady de Vesci
461987Arthur Broomfield28Home Thoughts from Home
471987J. Slowey28Jeremiah
481987Barbara Freeman28Two Drawings
501987Pat Boran28on Dennis O'Driscoll and Rita Ann Higginsreview
521987John Jordan28on J. Ardle McArdleReview
51988Mark Lawlor29Homelessfiction
91988Mary Pegge29Knockboy Cemetery
101988Joan McBreen29Black Chairs
101988Joan McBreen29Rabbits
111988Rita Ann Higgins29She Is Not Afraid of Burglars
121988Eithne Strong29Máthair an Oilc
131988Stiofán Ó Cadhla29Portáin
141988Patrick Deeley29The Poetry Competition
151988Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin29Consolation1986
151988Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin29Street
161988James J. McAuley29The Nun of Saint Michan'sfor Joanne and Ruben Trejo
181988Ciaran O'Driscoll29Molesworth
191988Ciaran O'Driscoll29The Anarchist
201988Patricia E. Powers29Cop and Clownfiction
271988Tatyana Shcherbina29The Thousandth Anniversary of the ChristianizationTranslated by J. KatesRussian
281988Alfonso Lopez Monreal29What Is Time to a Pig?Mezzotint
341980Medbh McGuckian12Winter
351980Medbh McGuckian12The Black Nun
351980Medbh McGuckian12The Fire-Dance
361980Padraig J. Daly12Wojtyla
371980Padraig J. Daly12I Will Miss You
371980Padraig J. Daly12Fettucine All'Uovo
381980Padraig J. Daly12Fuar Anocht Magh Leathan Luirg
391980J. Ardle McArdle12Back To Me Own
421980Charles Cullen12Two Drawings of James Brennan
441980John Jordan12on Nuafhilí 3Review
461980Pearse Hutchinson12on Books from FinlandReview
501980Leland Bardwell12on Who is Eddie Linden?Review
511980Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin12on P.J. Kavanagh's Life Before DeathReview
51980James Brennan13Concertfiction
81980Josephine Phillips13My Mother
91980Robert Welch13For Kenneth Severs
121980Paul Durcan13The Boy Who Was Conceived in the Leithreas
131980Paul Durcan13Little Old Ladies Also Can Write Poems Such As…
141980Osip Mandelstam13Three Poemstranslated by James GreeneRussian
161980Macdara Woods13Vade Mecum
161980Macdara Woods13I Wear No Hats
171980Macdara Woods13Those Egyptians
181980Macdara Woods13Days of 1979, Morocco, Ten Yrs. After
191980Macdara Woods13There Will Be A Meeting
191980Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill13Dearmhad A Dhéanamh
201980Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill13Freagra Na Mna Ceilti
211980John F. Deane13Aisling
221980Padraig Rooney13From a Novel - "Oasis"fiction
261980Micheál Ó Siadhail13Dán [Líonrith An Ghaoth Anoir Teoiric]
281980J. Ardle McArdle13Prayer to St. Auden
301980T.D. Morgan13The Light of Day
311980George McWhirter13Window Cleaner
321980Caitlín Maude13Cleachtadh na ndeasghnáth
321980Caitlín Maude13An Lá Ar Maraíodh An Mhuc
331980Georgiana Cagney13Poem
341980Aidan Murphy13A Pointless Scale
351980Aidan Murphy13Unfinished Jigsaw
361980Ciaran O'Driscoll13The Irish Giant
371980C.J. Courage13Mystery of All Mysteriesfiction
391980Seán MacGuire13Double-Take
391980Jeremy Harman13White Dream
401980Ewart Milne13The Return
411980Ewart Milne13Whit Sunday 1980
421980Robert Chandler13Obsessionfiction: Leeds. Winter 71-72
431980Robert Chandler13Curfew / What Else Could We Do?first verse after Paul Eluard
431980Robert Chandler13Two SongsVoronezh. Winter 73
441980Frank McGuinness13Hanover Place, July Eleventh
451980Michael Kane13Mortal Territory
461980Michael Kane13Sleeping Headwoodcut
491980Pauline Clarke13on Anthony Cronin's "Identity Papers"Review
521980Adrian Kenny13on Sydney Bernard Smith and James Greenereview
541980Macdara Woods13on Derek MahonReview
51981Michael O'Beirne14from "And the Moon at Night"autobiography
131981Seán Dunne14Snapshots
141981J. Kates14Jael
141981J. Kates14Joseph
151981Matthew Sweeney14Then
161981Gregory Rosenstock14Wake Up, MichaelTo Michael D., 21, who had muscular dystrophy
171981Gregory Rosenstock14The Shuttlecock
181981Adrian Kenny14Bacchanalian Revel Before a Term of Panfiction
201981Leo Lavery14Viajes
211981Leo Lavery14Near Belfast
211981Liam de Bhál14First Blood
221981Johann Hjalmarsson14The Portrait of Great Grandfather (1975)Translated by David McDuffIcelandic
281981Michael Wilder14Is It Only Me?
291981Alan Dixon14The Heart of the House
291981Alan Dixon14For When You Stay
301981James Liddy14How Mother Came Home
311981James Liddy14Arklow Gold Club
321981Robert Welch14Rousseau Na h-Imní
331981Tomás Mac Siomóin14Oidhreacht
341981Tom MacIntyre14Sheep's Milk on the Boilfiction
361981Liam Moran14Night Light
361981Pearse Hutchinson14Ceathrúintí
371981Pearse Hutchinson14Naomhú Na h-Oibre
381981Pearse Hutchinson14Laghdú
381981Colm O'Neill14On A Painting by Francis Bacon
391981Colm O'Neill14Uaigneasin Englih
401981Brian Lalor14Houses on the Leeetching
421981Robert Chandler14Notes on Some Contemporary East-European PoetsReview
461981William J. Leahy14Publishing Mergers in the United Statesarticle
481981Jon Silkin14on Patrick GalvinReview
531981Tomás Mac Siomóin14on Máirtín Ó DireáinReview
561981P.J. Kavanagh14on F.D. Sheridanreview
571981Sydney Bernard Smith14on Brian Lynch and Philip CaseyReview
51981Roque Dalton15from Poemas de la Ultima Carcel, No. 357Translated by Pearse HutchinsonSpanish
291988Alfonso Lopez Monreal29The Beautiful FridaMezzotint
301988Alfonso Lopez Monreal29PietaMezzotint
311988Sheila Mannix29Watermark
311988Sheila Mannix29Naked
321988Michael Bardwell29The Bridge
331988Heather Brett29Ringless
331988Pauline Brady29A Table for Two
341988Padraig Mc Grane29Short-Cut
341988Anne Hartigan29Bare Necessity
361988Rebecca Cohen29The First Girl In Town Was Easy
371988Vincent Woods29The Day the Cows Came Homefiction
401988Judith Warrington29Dead Cat in a Cave
411988Judth Warrington29Mountain Sheep
421988James Brennan29That Couple
431988James Brennan29Island
441988James Brennan29Granted
451988Richard Riordan29Paradise Pre-Empted
461988J. Kates29on Sara MilesReview
481988J. Kates29on June JordanReview
501988Ciaran O'Driscoll29on Thomas LynchReview
51988Pearse Hutchinson30Ón Léibheann
51988Pearse Hutchinson30Bád
61988John Jordan30The Short Unhappy Exile of Don GeraldoReprinted from Cyphers 25
71988Edward McGuire30Portrait of John Jordan
81988Micheál MacLiammóir30The HeroTranslated by John JordanIrish
91988John Jordan30MicheálPrinted as Poetry Ireland poem no. 7 March 1979
91988John Jordan30Words and MusicDublin 1948
101988P.J. Kavanagh30A Memory of John Jordantribute
111988Pauline Bewick30Portrait of John Jordan
121988Richard Riordan30John Jordan - Our Friendtribute
151988Hugh McFadden30Underground Water15th September, 1988
151988Elaine Terranova30With John Jordan at Annaghmakerrig
161988John Jordan30Canon O'Haggertyfiction
261988John Jordan30He Who Lives in Friendshipfiction
301988Séamus Ó Céileachair30An Iníon
311988Liam Prút30Fill
311988Desmond O'Grady30WinterKinsale, 1988
331988John F. Deane30The Voyages of Uncle Jim, Ship's Engineer
351988Heather Brett30For Tom
351988Heather Brett30Visions
361988Sabine Wichert30The Great Piano
371988Padraig J. Daly30London, April 1988
381988Padraig J. Daly30Ticino
401988Patrick Chapman30The Walls Replied
51981Alejandro Romualdo15WonderlandTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonSpanish
61981Pearse Hutchinson15A Man Is
71981Pearse Hutchinson15Plums
81981Jeremy Reed15Rights of Ownership
91981Liam de Bhál15The New Hospital Wing
101981Aidan Murphy15Elegy for a Bridefor Pauline
101981Aidan Murphy15Singles
111981D.W. Wilson15Trout
121981Mary Jane White15Martinmas
131981Alfred P. Hulme15The Funerals of Artane: March 1981
131981Alfred P. Hulme15Just Shine
141981Frank McGuinness15Scavengersfiction
191981Georgiana Cagney15Balance of Nature
201981Leland Bardwell15The ScatteringBerkshire/Dublin 1981
211981Sebastian Barry15The Park
211981Sebastian Barry15The Return
221981Elizabeth Peavoy15Gone to the Shops for Ten Fifteen Minutes
241981Elizabeth Peavoy15Elegy Creole Child
251981Ewart Milne15Swan Or Fish
261981Padraig Rooney15from a novel, "Oasis"fiction
321981Donnchadh MacLabhruinn15Do'n 'Chearc' A Bhásaich Ann An Ospadal[…Nam Mi-Rianaich] bilingualScots Gaelic
331981Pádraig Ó Fiannachta15I Dtigh Ibrahim I gCairo2.1.1981
341981Seán MacFheorais15An Meaisín Eitilte
351981Eamon Grennan15Morning with Pigeons
361981Michael A. Carey15The Roomatesfiction
371981Michael A. Carey15Aftr the Harvest
381981Padraig J. Daly15Prayers
391981Padraig J. Daly15Today in Mount Jerome
401981Thomas McCarthy15Tea and Cakes with the Special Branch
411981Thomas McCarthy15Returning to DeValera's Cottage
421981Kieran Beville15The Key
421981Matthew Sweeney15No Welcome
431981Lotte Kramer15The Cure
441981Lotte Kramer15Nolde
441981Eamonn O'Doherty15Two etchings and a drawing
481981Leland Bardwell15on Brian friel and Stewart ParkerReview
491981Michael Kane15on Paul Muldoonreview
511981Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin15on Medbh McGuckian and Derek MahonReview
51981James Brennan16After First Communionfiction
101981J. Ardle McArdle16There'll Always Be Paris.
111981Leo Lavery16the bayonet…
111981Leo Lavery16For a Provoin Mem: J. Mc C.
121981Derek Mahon16Pythagorean Lines: Respectful Version.after Nerval
131981Patrick Layde16Music at Glassmullenfor Cyril Cusack
141981Elizabeth Peavoy16House, On the Run
151981Steve Short16Scenes from a Malayan Childhood
171981Robert Chandler16Nocturnal22 Dec. '80, near Bala
171981Robert Chandler16For JuliaSept. 30 1980
181981Rosalie Rayburn16The Changelingfiction
211981Paddy Bushe16After LoveSee also Pádraig Bushe
221981Tim Cunningham16Siege
231981Wes Magee16An Evening
241981Conleth O'Connor16When the Time Comes
241981Conleth O'Connor16Death of an Immigrant Hungarian Musician
251981Redwan Abushwesha16When We're Drunk, We Feel the RevolutionTranslated by the authorArabic
261981Dermot Healy16An Interview in the Cityfiction
321981Josephine Phillips16She's Always Been Quiet…
331981Josephine Phillips16School Photograph
341981Ewart Milne16Beyond Remedy
371981Macdara Woods16Phase Two
371981Macdara Woods16Phase Three
381981Larry O'Sullivan16Fierce, Tired, Black Workfiction
401981Sarah Cotterill16Susan at the State Hospital
421981Ciaran O'Driscoll16Beauty & The Beast
431981Ciaran O'Driscoll16Barbie's Moved
431981Clairr O'Connor16Dream of My Father
441981Caitlín Maude16Marbh Beo
451981Eric Beatty16I am Dizzy Walking Peaks
451981Chris Maguire16Three Drawings
491981John Jordan16on Ewart MilneReview
511981Pearse Hutchinson16on French African PoetryReview
551981J. Ardle McArdle16on Anthony Cronin and Paul DurcanReview
51982Macdara Woods17from Work in Progressfiction
81982Leland Bardwell17Prison Poem 3
91982Leland Bardwell17Lobster Fishing
101982J. Ardle McArdle17Protection
111982Alfred P. Hulme17The American Workbench
121982Padraig J. Daly17Trips to the Museums with Three Boys
121982Padraig J. Daly17Granduncle
131982Sebastian Barry17The End of the Year
141982John Heath-Stubbs17Souvenir of St. Petersburg
141982Matthew Sweeney17The Dancehall
161982Jim Feeney17The New Puritans
161982Mary O'Donnell17Open Plan
171982Eugene Dubnov17And in the SummerLondon, 1980
181982Lotte Kramer17The Visit
181982Lotte Kramer17Neighbours
191982Hugh O'Donnell17Snooker Hall, 10 A.M.
201982Frank McGuinness17Man at Portumna
231982Anne Hartigan17Gone Away
241982Seán Mac Fheorais17Fonn Mall Ar An Bhfeadog
251982James Brennan17Bangkokfiction
301982Neil Littlewood17from Mandala
321982Michael Wilder17from West Hill
341982Martin Brophy17Definitely Major Extra
341982Martin Brophy17January 15th 1980
351982Martin Brophy17This Is Where We Make Our Fish and Chips
351982Philip Casey17Into Whiteness
361982Knute Skinner17The Flame Room
381982Theresa Kishkan17For J.
401982Michael A. Carey17Stage Fright
411982Michael A. Carey17The Family Bed: Uncle Colum
421982David Wilson17DrawingDrawing
431982David Wilson17Meetingenglish/italian/german
431982David Wilson17Giraffe
441982David Wilson17Squid
451982Pearse Hutchinson17Nano Reidarticle
471982Nano Reid17Portrait of Pearse Hutchinsonoil
491982Nano Reid17Nude Studybrush drawing
501982J. Ardle McArdle17on Thomas McCarthy's 'The Sorrow Garden'Review
521982Alan Titley17on Brendan Behan's 'Poems and a Play in Irish'Review
51983Aidan Higgins18Gas in the Decompression Chamberfiction
121983Seán Hutton18I gCuimhne J. O'M.
131983Macdara Woods18Ophelia, Sing To Me
141983Padraig Rooney18Sugardaddyfiction
171983Daniel Reardon18Golden Weekend
201983Sandor Weöres18The Fate of the Dead Body is UnknownTranslated by Hugh Maxton
211983Hugh Maxton18Return
221983Judith Warrington18Sisters Under the Skin
231983Hugh McFadden18Demolition Dublin
241983Adiyi Martin Bestman18As the Sun Bleedsetching
241983Niall Hughes18Crossing to the Other Side
261983Adrian Kenny18Silencefiction
301983Gerry Loose18Congress of a Crow
311983Aidan Murphy18Whistling
321983Ewart Milne18An Antique Fashion
331983Osip Mandlestam18Three PoemsTranslated by Robert Tracy
361983Thomas Lynch18Winterkill
361983Thomas Lynch18Gone Fishing
371983Desmond O'Grady18Morning
381983Desmond O'Grady18Midwinter
391983Hugo Meenan18Early Morning Interviewfiction
451983Richard Riordan18Phone Call to TripoliFor Redwan Abushwesha
461983Paddy Bushe18Royal Weddingor 'While the Sun Still Shines'
461983Sydney Bernard Smith18Extracts from 'Inishbofin'
481983Cindy Smith18Two Drawings
501983Camile Souter18Low Down Over the Runwayillustration
511983Nicholas Emmett18'The Literary Prole'article
531983John Jordan18on James J. McAuleyReview
551983Daniel Reardon18on Medbh McGuckian and Tom PaulinReview
571983Adrian Kenny18on John Banville and Dermot Healyreview
51983Ivan Malinovski19Touched by Human HandTranslated by Carl King
91983Ivan Malinovski19Heaven's PainterTranslated by Carl King
171983John Jordan19He Lay Down On Mefiction
251983Richard Riordan19Bananas
261983Hazel Smith19Torchbearer
261983Lotte Kramer19Covenant and Genes
271983Gerard Smyth19Lapse
281983Philip Seán Brady19Catfish in a Fishtank
281983Philip Seán Brady19And This Is How I Woke
291983Michael Egan19The Hex
301983Aidan Hayes19Who Am I?
311983Sara Berkeley19Prize Butterfly
321983F.D. Sheridan19The Man Who Stayedfiction
381983Linda Anderson19The Heavenly Lover
391983J. Kates19To an Irish Landlady
401983Derry O'Sullivan19Agallamh Le Mo Mhac
421983Pearse Hutchinson19Amhrán Bréagach
421983Seán MacFheorais19Plandaí Cabáiste
431983John Jordan19St. Pius Wardfor Brendan Harding
441983Leo Lavery19Sleepwalkerfiction
471983Hugo Meenan19Insecure
481983David Kelley19au pied du mur…in French
481983David Kelley19Complexe D'Icarein French
481983The Book of the Dead19A Song of Praise, To the Sun RisingTranslated by Robert Tracy
501983Lawrence James19Our Neighbours Muck Out
511983Karl Krolow19The Last NightTranslated by Matthew Sweeney
521983Charles Brady19SoapDrawing
531983Edward McGuire19OwlFor Macdara
541983Adrian Kenny19on Padraig Rooney's 'Oasis'Review
551983Macdara Woods19on Ivor GurneyReview
51983-James Liddy20Dr. MacFaustus Goes Picking Cocklesfiction
61983-4Richard Barakat20A Girl
71983-4Conleth O'Connor20Drawing From Life
81983-4Leland Bardwell20Mrs Katherine Dunne - Deceased March 1983for Macdara Woods
91983-4Máire Ni Chanainn20Dark Springsee also Moya Cannon
101983-4Máire Ni Chanainn20Narrow Gatheringssee also Moya Cannon
121983-4Padraig J. Daly20Near Whitechurch
121983-4Tomas Tranströmer20From the Winter of 1947Translated by John F. DeaneSwedish
131983-4John F. Deane20Prisoner
151983-4Sheila Argabright20Memories of an Irish Orphanautobiography
251983-4Seamus Rice20Grasswidow Witch
261983-4Alan Dixon20Little Blotter
271983-4Gabriel Rosenstock20Cléithíndo Helen Strong
271983-4Padraig Rooney20Your Childhood Housefor Frederik Borgstrom
281983-4Padraig Rooney20Irisesfor Frederik
291983-4Martin Green20Morfudd's Memoryin the manner of Dafydd ap Gwilym
291983-4Martin Green20Oscar Wilde and Warder Martin
301983-4Aidan Murphy20Reply to the Ostrich Foundation
311983-4Leo Lavery20Good Days in June '83
321983-4Barry McKinley20Desire
341983-4Thomas Lynch20from Learning Gravityfor Julie Tata Young
371983-4Knute Skinner20Molesting the Babies
381983-4Knute Skinner20Her Dream
391983-4Josephine Phillips20Retreat
401983-4Peter Sirr20Orders
411983-4Clairr O'Connor20Snake Eye
421983-4Robert Welch20Contraption
451983-4Ruth Brandt20Lane Near Eccles Streetetching
451983-4Ruth Brandt20Bumble Beeetching
481983-4Robert Welch20on Pearse Hutchinson's 'Selected Poems'Review
511983-4John Jordan20A Note on Brian CoffeyReview
541983-4Sebastian Barry20on Paul DurcanReview
561983-4Adewale Maja-Pearce20Bessie Head, A Loathing of TribalismReview
51984Katie Doyle21Some Gasfiction
81984Eilís Ni Dhuibhne21Roots
101984Michael Coady21The Man, The Horse, and the Swallowingfor Nicky Kelly
111984Michael Coady21Tracing A Cracked High B Flat for Posterity
141984Pat Boran21Cohabitation
141984Pat Boran21Marsupial
151984Tom Morgan21Gas
161984Elizabeth Peavoy21The Girl from Schaerbeek
161984Jim Feeney21Lamb Curry
171984Paddy Bushe21Donal OgSee also Pádraig Bushe
181984Lorna Reynolds21The Woman in the Window
191984Padraig Rooney21Dormitoriumfiction
251984Gerard Donovan21Nun
261984Nan Joyce21The Wild Trableroriginal spelling standard spelling
281984Eamonn Cooke21Three Poems
291984Áine Ryan21Anniversaryfiction
301984Medbh McGuckian21Never
311984Medbh McGuckian21The Sailor
311984Medbh McGuckian21The Golden Path
321984Michael Egan21The Fear of Bats
321984Francis McKee21Stateless
331984Francis McKee21Hamsters in Wartime
341984Elena López21Your Eyes Are the Hunger and the Honey…
361984Leo Lavery21Political Poem
361984Leo Lavery21For A Friend
371984Aidan Hayes21Je SuisPoem in French
381984Marina Tsvetaeva21from MilesTranslated by Mary Jane White
381984Peter Cluskey21Cape Clear 1981
391984Richard Riordan21The Apprentice
401984Seán MacFheorais21Cuckoo Maquire and Mr. Joyce Went to the Dogs
401984Seán MacFheorais21Bleid Thaistil
411984Seán MacFheorais21Granny Dear
411984Derry O'Sullivan21Domhan An Duinnínigh
421984Gerard Smyth21Home Truths
431984Macdara Woods21Eight Hours to Prove the ArtefactMar-84
441984Tim Cunningham21The Corbally Plot
451984Stephen Conlin21The City Repealedetching
451984Stephen Conlin21The Great Four Courts Opera House Projectsilkscreen
481984J. Ardle McArdle21on Rudi HolzapfelReview
511984Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin21on Field Day PamphletsReview
51984Pearse Hutchinson22Trafflic Lights Are DangerousReview
61984Patrick Cotter22from A Novella Yet To Be Completedfiction
121984Ewart Milne22The Relic
121984B.W. Beynon22The Dream of Macsen Wledig
131984Ciaran O'Driscoll22Ice Age
141984James Simmons22The Father To His Children
151984James Simmons22New Every Morning
161984Padraig J. Daly22Northern Winters
171984Thomas Lynch22Argyle Unappeased
181984Rita Ann Higgins22Work On
181984Rita Ann Higgins22Tommy's Wife
191984Rita Ann Higgins22The Benevolent Coat Saver in Black
201984Friedrich Dannenbauer22Auf AbrufGerman
211984Friedrich Dannenbauer22On RecallTranslated by Eoin Bourke
221984Augustus Young22Calabria and BackMaida Vale 1982
241984Ray Givans22The Tree
401988Gerald Mangan30Coomhola
411988Macdara Woods30Read at the Unveiling of a Head of Tyrone Guthrie
421988Macdara Woods30Man on the Doorstepfor Kevin Murphy
441988Sam Burnside30Maryann McCracken
451988Geza Szocs30People of the PusztaTranslated by Christine TennantHungarian
461988Philip Davison30From a Novel in Progressfiction
491988Eyal Megged30In the Garden of EdenTranslated by Ruth TokerHebrew
491988Eyal Megged30The RiverTranslated by Ruth TokerHebrew
491988Eyal Megged30Tel AvivWritten in English
501988Georgina Brady30The Aftermath
511988Ciaran O'Driscoll30on Paul MuldoonReview
551988Proinsias Ó Drisceoil30on Derry O'SullivanReview
561988Macdara Woods30on Ciaran O'DriscollReview
51989Dermot Healy31The Case History of Olliefiction
91989Jacques Lovichi31LuberonsTranslated by Roger Little, from Fracture du silence
101989Michael Kelly31A Dialectic Gloss On An Archaic Love Fable
121989Aidan Hayes31The Merries at Clonakilty
131989Hugh McMillan31Lindsay and Susan at Tyne Cot
141989Theo Dorgan31At A Point on the Map
141989Charles Fishman31Undertow
151989Liz Dearden31Rapunzel's Revenge
161989J. Kates31Ballad of a Telephone Call
171989Patrick Galvin31Let the Seahorse Take Me Home
181989Macdara Woods31The Perpetual LaundretteDec-88
191989Dan McCarthy31Tree
201989Heather Brett31The Poker Playerfiction
251989Leland Bardwell31Ugly As Sin
251989Leland Bardwell31A Single Rose
251989Leland Bardwell31C.T. Scan
261989Leland Bardwell31Dosteievsky's Grave
261989Leland Bardwell31Clondalkin Concrete
271989Francis Devine31Free Education, May 1958
271989Francis Devine31Free Education, May 1988
281989Louis Ryan31Metamorphosis
291989Howard Wright31Disused Steps
291989Patrick Chapman31The Bus Stop
301989Christine Michael31Alone on a Rope
311989Michael Heffernan31The Abyss
311989Michael Heffernan31The Atonement
321989Hayden Murphy31From a Sequence
321989Holly Clark31Izard County Fruit
331989Micheál Ó Ruairc31Trimming
331989Lorraine Whelan31from The Bedroom Closet
251984Diane Fahey22The Return
261984Michael Egan22The Cottage Cat
271984Katie Doyle22P.O. Manchesterfiction
301984Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin22Snow
311984Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin22MacMoransbridge
321984Patrick Galvin22Incident At Oviedo
331984Patrick Galvin22Folk Tale for the General
361984Gabriel Rosenstock22Ar Do Thuama
371984Felix Leclerc22Tomorrow If The SeaTranslated by Aidan Hayes
381984Eva Bourke22A Rat's Tale
391984Mark Edmund Hutcheson22Sunset
401984Robert Desnos22XVI. Identification of ReflectionsTranslated by J. KatesFrench
411984Jay Clements22Two Drawings
441984Adewale Maja-Pearce22on Karen Blixen's AfricaReview
491984Macdara Woods22on Sebastian Barry and Matthew SweeneyReview
51985John Banville23From A Novel in Progress
101985Paul Durcan23Raymond of the Rooftops
111985Paul Durcan23The Most Beautiful Woman in France
121985Sujata Bhatt23Brunizem
121985Sujata Bhatt23For Nanabhai Bhatt
141985Michael Augustin23An Excellent Sentence
141985Michael Augustin23A Skeleton in the Closet
151985Mary O'Donnell23Odyssey
161985Diane Fahey23Arethusa
171985Tim Cunningham23A Bar of Soap
171985Pat Boran23Rabbit Found Dead in a Drain
181985Pat Boran23Yellow Jumpsuit
181985Pat Boran23Forest
191985Derry O'Sullivan23Cá Bhfuil Do Iúdás
211985Aibhistín Valkenburg23An Doras AmachTehran feabhra 1977
221985Sandy MacKenzie23What Was Said
221985Sandy MacKenzie23Men At Work
241985James Brennan23The Picture in the Calendarfiction
261985Liam Ryan23South Circular Road
271985Leland Bardwell23I'm Trying to Tell You, Mr Lynch
281985Eugene Dubnov23The Way Life IsFiction, Written in English
351989Heather Brett31Sleeping Partners
361989Lotte Kramer31Love Letters
371989Katie Donovan31The Potters' House
381989Pearse Hutchinson31An Crann Bán
391989Dermot Seymour31A Friesian Coughed over DrumsnatOil on calico
421989Pauline Brady31A Change of Life
431989B.W. Beynon31His Ghost on a Hill
441989Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin31Quarant'ore
441989Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin31Looking at the Fall
451989Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin31A Whole Life
461989Leland Bardwell31on Hungarian PoetryReview
501989Adewale Maja-Pearce31on Chinua AchebeReview
511989Pat Boran31on Michael Coady, Patrick O'Brien, Padraig J. Dalyreview
51990Joan Brossa32Projects for PoemsTranslated by Pearse Hutchinson Catalan
51990Joan Brossa32HaloTranslated by Pearse Hutchinson Catalan
51990Joan Brossa32BreathTranslated by Pearse Hutchinson Catalan
61990Joan Brossa32IntermissionTranslated by Pearse Hutchinson Catalan
61990Joan Brossa32MindTranslated by Pearse Hutchinson Catalan
61990Joan Brossa32With Your Right…Translated by Pearse Hutchinson Catalan
61990Joan Brossa32The Crocodile Opens…Translated by Pearse Hutchinson Catalan
71990Willem M. Roggeman32Colambas I Nua-EabhracAistrithe ag Gabriel RosenstockDutch
81990Pól Breathnach32An Ghealach Dheirceach
81990Patrick Galvin32Jeanfor Bernard
101990Patrick Galvin32Song for Angelica
101990Patrick Galvin32The Girls of Pontevedra
111990Miklos Radnoti32Picture PostcardsTranslated by Chris TennantHungarian
121990Caroline Adderson32The Hanging Gardens of Babylonfiction
181990Laurence James32The Fish SermonTranslated from Des Knaben WunderhornGerman
201990Paula Meehan32Illegal Seal Cull
201990Paula Meehan32Zugzwang
221990Leo Lavery3212th July
221990Leo Lavery321789-1989
231990Heather Brett32My First Real Winter
231990Heather Brett32The Coming
241990Heather Brett32Dream Time
251990Mairead Buckley32Marjorie's Delivery
261990Siobhán Campbell32Summer Lover
271990Mark Lawlor32The Mountainfiction
331990Michael O'Dea32Beyond the Twelfth Lock
341990J. Slowey32Holding Her Own
341990J. Slowey32Minus One
351990J. Slowey32Cloister
351990Seán Lysaght32Herring Gull
361990Gerald Mangan32Ailsa Craig
371990Elizabeth Peavoy32Way Below Zero
381990Edward Haworth Hoppner32Tetramorph
401990Edward Haworth Hoppner32Waterwitching
411990Rita Ann Higgins32Waiting
421990Sabine Wichert32The Torso
421990Vincent Woods32The moon tolled…
421990Vincent Woods32A Song of Lies
431990Robert Welch32Rosebay Willowherb
441990Eamon Grennan32Deep Water
451990Joan McBreen32Martha
461990Desmond Graham32Monet
471990Gerald Mangan32Rue Muller and Rue Feutrier, ParisIllustration
481990Lorraine Whelan32Heartillustration
491990Ciaran O'Driscoll32on Thomas McCarthy and Paddy BusheReview
551990Philip Casey32on Paul Durcan and Derek Mahon's JaccottetReview
51990Editors33How is Irish Writing Reviewed?article
121990Pearse Hutchinson33CeolMilan 1988 / Rath Maoinis 1990
141990Philip Casey33Waking to the Plainfiction
161990Sandro Penna33Nel Chiuso LagoTranslated by John MacraeItalian
161990Sandro Penna33InteriorTranslated by John MacraeItalian
171990Grainne Tobin33Dancing with My Baby Tonightfiction
181990Julie Fay33How the Heart Can't Burn
201990Leo Lavery33Spring
201990Leo Lavery33Ait Ben Hadoo
211990Leo Lavery336 Haiki
211990Leo Lavery33Poetry - Its Troubles
221990Mary-Lou Spartz33Tontofiction
281990David Anderson33J.A.
291990Catriona Clutterbuck33Reflection
291990Catriona Clutterbuck33Winter HomeApril '87
301990Bruce Meyer33Walt Whitman's Madness in London, Ontarioprose
311990Louis Ryan33from In Memory of Mairead Farrell
321990Howard Wright33Water Street
321990Oliver Dunne33I Have Dived Under
341990Patrick Deeley33His First Word
341990Patrick Deeley33Lines from a Bus-Stop
351990Kevin O'Mahony33The Increasing Rarity of Rare Moments
361990Carol Ball33Streetwalker
371990Knute Skinner33The Door
381990F.D. Sheridan33Fairy Talefiction
441990Tomás Ó Canainn33Valencia
441990Tomás Ó Canainn33Seville
451990B.W. Beynon33The Visible Fibres
461990Katie Donovan33Harvest
471990Katherine Duffy33Sacrifice
481990Padraig J. Daly33O Rathaille: The Dead Priest
481990Padraig J. Daly33O Rathaille: The Death of Diarmuid O Laoghaire
491990Padraig J. Daly33Salmon
491990Holly Clark33Ruins
491990Holly Clark33A Bull Narrates Its Death
501990Eileen Ferguson33Three Works on Paper
531990Caoimhin MacGiolla Leith33on Ciaran Carson's 'Belfast Confetti'Review
51991P.J. Kavanagh34The Severn Aisling
71991Michael Kelly34Natural Antidote to Exile
81991Máire Mhac an tSaoi34Adhlacadh Inion An Fhile
81991Máire Mhac an tSaoi34Fod An ImrisDomhnach Casca 1991
91991Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin34Praeteritio
101991Macdara Woods34Waiting for the Trainfiction
151991Macdara Woods34AnalysisNov-90
161991Padraig J. Daly34Travellers
161991Padraig J. Daly34Remembering My Father
181991Vincent Woods34Bellbird and Woman
181991Vincent Woods34The Night Vigil
191991Joan McBreen34Veronica
201991Richard Tillinghast34Xiphias
211991Fred Johnston34The Ritualists
221991Stephen Smith34Letters to Myself
241991Gerard Beirne34Throwing It All Away
241991Patrick Chapman34Olives in Two Social Settings
251991Ruth Silcock34Greenish
261991Damian Quinn34Scarecrow
261991Damian Quinn34Devil's Heaven
301991Michael Augustin34Three Drawings
331991Bertie Doyle34Aunt Nanfiction
391991Pat Boran34The Sun Comes Up
401991Dermot Healy34Hare-Bell
411991Cesare Pavese34CloudsTranslated by Daniela DentiItalian
421991Michael Hartnett34Dear JohnSee also Micheál Ó hAirtnéide
421991Michael Hartnett34In the LandscapeSee also Mícheál Ó Hairtnéide
431991Robert Welch34Over and Over
441991Maurice Harmon34Jerusalem
451991Liz Dearden34The Dig
461991Eliza Dear34The Bridesmaid Dress
461991John Goodby34Txai
471991Paddy Bushe34Holiday PoemSee also Pádraig Bushe
481991Francis Devine34Tulcea Luggers, Dublin Quays
491991Hayden Murphy34on The literary Magazine in Scotlandarticle
511991Ciaran O'Driscoll34on Macdara Wood's 'The Hanged man was not…'Review
541991Pat Boran34on Gerald Mangan and Ciaran O'Driscollreview
561991Robert Welch34on Pearse HutchinsonReview
51992Adrian Kenny35Settling Infiction
71992Oliver Comins35Phoenix
71992Jean-Claude Masson35The AlternativeTranslated by Mark HutchesonFrench
81992Pearse Hutchinson35Saturnino
91992Pearse Hutchinson35Dream-Report
101992Leo Lavery35Mistakes
111992Mark Roper35The Angel
121992Christine McNeill35Exile
131992Edward McWhinney35One Man, One Jobfiction
161992Stiofán Ó Cadhla35Eanair
171992Anthony Cusack35Los Angeles in Rathminespseudonym of Dr Paddy Riordan
181992Anthony Cusack35Barry Fontainepseudonym of Dr Paddy Riordan
201992Rita Ann Higgins35Philomena's Revenge
211992Karoly Bari35By the Gypsies' GravesTranslated by Laura SchiffHungarian
221992Ciaran O'Driscoll35This Silence
231992Ciaran O'Driscoll35Poem for a "Midnight Muse" Reading
251992James Simmons35Empire
261992Vincent Woods35The Embryo Garden
261992Vincent Woods35God is Good (And the Devil Isn't Bad Either)for Colleen Burke
271992Honor Carmody35Robbery
271992Honor Carmody35A Cold Trail
281992Barbara Parkinson35Snakes Have Time For Me
281992Barbara Parkinson35Angie in the Fountain
291992Hugh O'Donnell35NeighboursYonkers, New York
301992Macdara Woods35The Banks of the Danubeafter the Dordan concert in Butler House, Kilkenny, Jan. 1991
311992Holly Clark35The Laynesport Place
311992Holly Clark35Amazonian Tea
321992Antonia Quintana Pigno35Perdida
321992Antonia Quintana Pigno35Cancion de Cuna
331992Janet Shepperson35Dancing on Ice (1963)
351992Anne MacDarby35Picture Frame
361992Anne MacDarby35Waitingfiction
391992David Holohan35Three Portraitsportraits
421992J. Kates35Dock Songfrom the T'ang
421992J. Kates35Painting in Blue
431992Padraig J. Daly35Aunt
431992Padraig J. Daly35July Sunday, Journey to Derry
441992Sujata Bhatt35The Echoes in Poona
461992Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin35La Corona
471992Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin35The Year of the Hurricane
471992Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin35The Glass Garden
481992Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin35The Tale of Me
491992Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin35The Relic
501992Philip Casey35on Leland Bardwell's Dostoevsky's GraveReview
521992Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin35on recent poetryReview
51992Dermot Healy36Recovery
91992Francis Harvey36The Language Bog
91992Francis Harvey36The Old Man and the Boy
101992Philip Davison36Bag of Jewelleryfiction
171992Michael Davitt36An tOthar28.11.87
181992Richard Kell36Currents
191992Endre Ady36The Mute CouplefictionHungarian
211992Endre Ady36Spring MassfictionHungarian
241992Endre Ady36The KissfictionHungarian
291992Attila Jozef36The SeventhTranslated by Thomas KabdeboHungarian
301992Mihaly Ladanyi36The Dissatisfied Sonnets 2Translated by Alan DixonHungarian
311992Agnes Gergely36Sign On My Door JambTranslated by Thomas LandHungarian
321992Zsuzsa Rakovszky36AsTranslated by George SzirtesHungarian
321992Zsuzsa Rakovszky36AddictTranslated by George SzirtesHungarian
341992Zsuzsa Rakovszky36Black and WhiteTranslated by George SzirtesHungarian
351992George Gomori36Postscript: The Writer in Hungaryarticle
371992Ferencz Martyn36Kosfej 1982Illustration
381992Ferencz Martyn36Soeur MatildIllustration
391992Janos Szirtes36Hommage a El Grecoillustration
401992Moe Seager36Joni's Comeback
421992Heather Brett36Nemesis in Lavender
431992Else Lasker-Schuler36HomesickTranslated by Liam ClearyGerman
441992Robert Fulton36Prayer
451992Tom Hubbard36Leith Walk Variation on R.L.S.From Arlecchino o Bergamo; Fir Dougie Todd, native o EmbroScots
461992Katherine Duffy36Ode to a Word
461992Katherine Duffy36Quests
461992Katherine Duffy36Barbara
471992Oliver Dunne36The Lock of Hair
481992Michael Kelly36Birds Telling It Back
491992Moeen Faruqi36Partition
501992Leland Bardwell36Moments
501992Leland Bardwell36She Tried Twice To Be a Woman
511992Clyde Holmes36Arctic Tern
511992Clyde Holmes36Gipsies in a Suburb
521992Joan McBreen36Feathering the Room
521992Peter Bakowski36The Old Women of Bulgaria
541992Tom Keane36His Magical Daughter
551992Owen Gallagher36Off Duty
551992Leo Lavery36The Listener
561992Macdara Woods36Distances: South Missouri, November 1991Jan-92
571992Macdara Woods36Inside the WhaleMay-92
581992Leland Bardwell36on Adrian Kenny and Patrick GalvinReview
591992Ciaran O'Driscoll36on Medbh McGuckianReview
51993Mark Whelan37Prelude
61993Friedrich Dannenbauer37UntitledTranslated by Eva BourkeGerman
81993Seán Murphy37River Running
91993Helen Farish37While I May
101993Timothy Hodor37The Crowd of Time
111993Martin Stokes37All Three
121993Stephen Smith37A Pair of Pretty Legs
131993Patrick Chapman37Pastoral HissLancaster, 1992
141993Noelle Vial37No Questions
151993Tessa Ransford37To the Swift
171993Peter D. O'Halloran37The Trees
181993Hugh McMillan37The World Book of the McMillans
191993C. Barry37Into the Wind
201993Ger Killeen37Either/Or
231993Paul Morris37Mascarafiction
291993Eva Bourke37Glasgow Aubade
311993Hertha Kraftner37Parents, In AutumnTranslated by Liam ClearyGerman
321993Lorcan Roche37Wine Criticfor Tom Doorley, and a dying breed of gentleman
351993Jo Slade37From Tales of Innocence and Regret
371993Diarmuid McAuliffe37ChargedPainting
381993Diarmuid McAuliffe37FusedPainting
391993Diarmuid McAuliffe37LocatedPainting
401993Vic Varney37On Our Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
411993Vic Varney37Garnets
421993Terry McDonagh37The Piper
441993Noel Burke37on Ted Hughes, Mícheál Ó Ruairc, A.C.Jacobs, Deanereview
471993Ciaran O'Driscoll37Tell me this, do you ever open a book at all?commentary
51993Dave Duggan39Time To Go: Pages from an African Journalfiction
91993Martin Green39Bishop Challoner's House
101993Breda Sullivan39The Inspection
111993Sydney Bernard Smith39from The Book of Ramorefiction
151993Jean Valentine39The Inside Angel
161993Ronald Tamplin39And Zolotnitzki
171993George Gomori39Memories of a Train JourneyTranslated by the author & Clive WilmerHungarian
181993Sheila O'Hagan39The Unborn
181993Michael O'Dea39Three Monsters
191993Michael O'Dea39Snowtime
191993Michael O'Dea39Caught. Tangled In Old Years.
201993V.R. Quinn39Social Observation
201993Martin Bennett39Arabic By Traffic Light
221993Edward Denniston39Odd Isn't the Word
231993Edward Denniston39Don't Move - Spring morning
241993Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin39Vierge Ouvrante
251993Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin39The Pastoral Life
261993Zhang Xian39The Love of a Widow (fiction)Translated from Zhang Xian's story by Shi JinhaiChinese
391993Liam Mac Cóil39Rannta Is Amhrán Faoi Éan
411993Brian MacMahon39Cavanapainting
431993Brian MacMahon39No. 1, Boheraghallagh Boulevardpainting
421993Brian MacMahon39Boheraghallagh Boulevardpainting
441993Leland Bardwell39Cynic on the Rock
441993Leland Bardwell39Mad Mrs Sweeney
451993Leland Bardwell39Ewe at the Corner
461993Alexey Shelvakh39For Viktor SosnoraTranslated by J. KatesRussian
471993Alexey Shelvakh39VeteransTranslated by J. KatesRussian
481993Joan McBreen39The Lost Brooch
491993Janet Shepperson39Till Only the Eyes are Left
501993Janet Shepperson39Ballynafeigh Honey
521993Theo Dorgan39The Radar Operator's Wife is Overseas
521993Theo Dorgan39Somewhere
531993Katherine Duffy39Legacy
541993Leo Lavery39In the Estate
531993Leo Lavery39In a Japanese Garden
551993Howard Wright39The River
561993Martin Mooney39Turnip
581993Peter Bakowski39Painting of Insomnia, Number Two
581993Peter Bakowski39Navigating Insomnia
581993Celia de Freine39Lizzie & Lottie
591993Celia de Freine39Come Dancing
601993Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin39on Conor O'Callaghan, Angela Greene, Katie DonovanReview
51995Pearse Hutchinson40The Vale of Clara
61995Pearse Hutchinson40A Girl in Jerez de la Frontera…[In the Autumn of 1952]
71995Pearse Hutchinson40Pilgrim
81995Tom Hubbard40The Angel O Duendefrom Arlecchino o BergamoScots
101995Seth Wheeler40Inheritance
121995Paddy Bushe40Loharfor father Gorazd Vopatrny
131995Paddy Bushe40The Widowed Bride's Lament(Caoineadh Liam Ui Raghallaigh)
141995Pól Breathnach40Sa mBád Aréirdo m'inion
151995Pól Breathnach40Ag Filleadh Ar Phortobello
151995Pól Breathnach40Fan Liom San Úllord
161995Catherine J. Doran40The Day I Held An Orange SunFor A.W.
171995Carol V. Davis40Questions for a Friend Who Was Very Illfor Y.R.
181995Moeen Faruqi40The Return
191995Fred Johnston40Curse
201995Molly McCloskey40Death of a Salesman's Wifefiction
231995Joan McBreen40One For Sorrowfor Medbh McGuckian
241995Alice Friman40Forgive and Forget
251995Alice Friman40Shadow
261995Helen Farish40Kingfisher
261995Helen Farish40La Place Des Vosges
271995Floyd Skloot40Protection Island
281995Michael Kelly40Scholar, Not AcademicAfter Austin Clarke's version of 'An MacLeighinn'
291995Leo Lavery40In Algeria Once
301995Kevin Holohan40Someone Has To Live Next Door to Themfiction
331995Nicholas McLachlan40Katherine
341995Tom Keane40Words
341995Andrew Mezei40TestimoniesTranslated from the Hungarian by Thomas Land
351995Lawrence Spingarn40Mulatto GirlTortola, B.W.I., 1963
361995Patrick Deeley40The Lodger, Ditched
361995Patrick Deeley40The Lodger, Walking
371995Robin Robertson40Escapology
381995Padraig J. Daly40The PrayerIn Memory of Margherita Guidacci
401995Padraig J. Daly40Lorica
401995Elizabeth Peavoy40Dance the DanceIn memoriam Michael Scott
411995Siobhán Campbell40The Man Who Would Not Wed
421995Michael O'Dea40Looking At You
421995Michael O'Dea40Wheel
431995Barbara Parkinson40Some Mud Phone Booth
441995Sinead Aldridge40I Dreamt I Sawdrawing
451995Sinead Aldridge40Hammer Headdrawing
461995Sinead Aldridge40Chariotdrawing
471995Sinead Aldridge40Untitleddrawing
481995Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill40An Mhurúch Ina hAthbhreith
481995Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill40Cuimhne An Uisce
501995Sabine Wichert40Naming Memories
511995Susan Wicks40My Mother's Clock
511995Susan Wicks40Cutting Loose
521995Susan Wicks40The Story of a Motherafter Hans Andersen
531995Grant Caldwell40On Her Loud Yellow Walkman
541995Thomas Lynch40An Evening Walk to the Sea by Friesians
551995Macdara Woods40I Gcuimhne Raifteirí: BherginiaAibreán 1994 (in English)
561995Jung Sun Yoon40RoadTranslated by the author and Macdara WoodsKorean
571995Jung Sun Yoon40The SandmanTranslated by Donald SurKorean
571995Philip Casey40on Macdara Woods and Frank McGuinnessReview
51995Macdara Woods41Jumping to the LoopKilkee May 1995
91995Michael Kelly41Clinicaly Spontaneous
101995Ciaran O'Driscoll41The Old Women of Magione
121995Celia de Freine41Rhubarb
131995J. Kates41Lynn's First Lovefiction
201995Kim Tedrow41The Scent of Roses
211995David Wheatley41Melior's Parrotafter StatiusLatin
221995Ali Glasscott41Family Menfor my grandfather
231995Sydney Bernard Smith41Ungrammatical Obituary for 1954
241995Breda Sullivan41Games
251995Breda Sullivan41Diamonds
261995James Brennan41The Department of Barbarian Affairsfiction
321995Martin Bennett41Desert Drive
331995Robert Welch41Performances
341995Kristine Uyeda41My Grandmother's Maps
351995Kristine Uyeda41My Father Old
361995Isobel Gamble41Bramlies
361995Isobel Gamble41Wasted
371995Rita Ann Higgins41The Taxi Man Knows
381995Michael O'Dea41An Old Man Sings
381995Patrick Moran41At Last
391995Richard Riordan41Aisling
401995Padraig J. Daly41Winter 1993: For My Father
401995Padraig J. Daly41Absolution
401995Padraig J. Daly41Christmas Night
411995Tom MacIntyre41The Raffony Idol
421995Adrian Kenny41Returned Irishfiction
471995Gordon Mason41The Bigamist
481995Gordon Mason41The Alice Key
491995David Croft41I Am Still Tied To You
501995Nicholas McLachlan41The Visit
501995Nicholas McLachlan41Returning
511995Deborah Moffatt41Cathedral
521995Dmitri Broe41Three Paintings
551995Christine McNeill41Feeding
561995Leo Lavery41Picture Postcard
571995Rody Gorman41Sealgair-Ghathan
571995Rody Gorman41Harpoon HunterScots Gaelic
571995Rody Gorman41Roghainn
571995Rody Gorman41ChoiceScots Gaelic
581995Rody Gorman41Gandal
581995Rody Gorman41GanderScots Gaelic
591995Rody Gorman41Liathadh
591995Rody Gorman41GreynessScots Gaelic
591995Heather Brett41Senses
601995Heather Brett41Quiet
601995Priscilla Frake41Lesson in Crows
611995Robert Welch41on Vincent WoodsReview
631995J. Kates41on Floyd Skloot and D. NurkseReview
641995David Wheatley41on Giacomo LeopardiReview
51996Robert Welch42From a novel in progressfiction
81996David Quinn42Cuckoofor Katherine
91996Macdara Woods42Hearing of the Morrigan in Amherst Countyfor Susan Wicks
101996Macdara Woods42Street Scenes: The Ranelagh Road
121996Matthew Sweeney42The Bells
121996Matthew Sweeney42Bagpipes
131996Vincent Woods42The Beginning of Peace
141996Nora McGillen42The Altar Cloth
151996Nora McGillen42The Whitethorns
161996Leo Lavery42Vancouver
161996Leo Lavery42Considering Chernobyl
171996Michael Kelly42Happy Nude Yearto all my models
181996Terry McDonagh42The Human Lot
181996Terry McDonagh42Time Outto the memory of my father
191996Joan McBreen42Leaving the City
201996Joan McBreen42What We Have to Offerfor Adrian
201996Teresa Lally42Girl on a Stile
211996Denyse Woods42The Last Agonyfiction
241996David Croft42Guilty
251996John Stevenson42A Punk Recalls
261996John Stevenson4218-Nov-89
261996Oliver Dunne42The Wild Horse
271996Oliver Dunne42Broken Entry
271996Federico Spoliansky42The City
281996Federico Spoliansky42The Queen
291996Padraig J. Daly42Relatives
291996Padraig J. Daly42A Gloss On Tauler (Sermon 37)
301996Edward J. Rielly42The First Day
301996Edward J. Rielly42Quiet, Like a Vulture
311996Alan Dixon42A Captive
311996Alan Dixon42Good Days
321996Elizabeth Peavoy42Flight of an Earl
331996Giosue Carducci42Pianto AnticoTranslated by Kate Ward KavanaghItalian
341996Ciaran O'Driscoll42Lime Trees
351996Michael Augustin42Jonas died ofFish P oisoningDrawing
381996Pól Breathnach42Iarghniomh
401996Jibanananda Das42Song of LeisureTranslated by Humayun Azad and Robert CalderBengali
431996Robert Calder42Lord Muck of Glabberhillsenza molto amore
441996Mikhail Aizenberg42Three PoemsTranslated by J. KatesRussian
461996Valentine Neary42Late Afternoon
461996Valentine Neary42Let There Be Light
471996Breda Sullivan42The Broken Cup
481996Breda Sullivan42A Child Kneeling
481996Breda Sullivan42Darning
491996J. Kates42Remnantsfiction
551996Frankie Sewell42Second Glance
561996Nevfel Cumart42East AnatoliaTranslated by Eoin BourkeGerman
561996Nevfel Cumart42AncestorsTranslated by Eoin BourkeGerman
571996Nevfel Cumart42Ninth Letter to My Aunt SchahdiyeTranslated by Eoin BourkeGerman
591996Eoin Bourke42Recalling an Antifascist Poet in the Weimar Republarticle
661996Ciaran O'Driscoll42on Pearse Hutchinson's "Barnsley Main Seam"Review
51997Leland Bardwell44The Dead Child's Arm Washed Up on the Beach
51997Leland Bardwell44Matisse Woman
61997Leland Bardwell44Two Lessons In Anatomy: York Street, Dublin
71997David Devitt44Ode to an Alsatian
81997Barry Butson44In London the Streets Tonight
91997Tom MacIntyre44La Langue D'Oiseaux
101997Kevin Kiely44Yesterday She Read Coleridge To Me
121997Alice Friman44The Harvest
131997John Millet44Snowfall
141997Mohja Kahf44Not the Same
151997Osip Mandelstam44104 TristiaTranslated by Robert TracyRussian
161997Leo Lavery44Ulster's Rising Sun
161997Leo Lavery44Bonded Haris
171997Paul McLoughlin44The Monastery
181997Nicholas Emmett44The Three Questionsfiction
241997Fionna Murray44M. Gallagher
241997Fionna Murray44The Secret Language of Greyhounds
251997Adrian Fox44The Light on the Stones
261997Michael Wynne44The Mitcher
281997Anthony Watts44The Ward
291997Menna Elfyn44Stone PoemTranslated by Joseph P. ClancyWelsh
301997Deborah Moffatt44In Eden
311997Marilyn McLaughlin44Christmas Then
321997Paul Laughlin44Caoineadh Chalgaigh
321997Liam Dingle44Mamo
341997Dmitri Broe44Two paintings
361997James Simmons44The Wild AmonusucThe Franconia sequence
371997James Simmons44The Beech Trees of Broughshanefor Bob Johnson
381997Janet Shepperson44Welcome to Monday Morning
401997Ger Reidy44Just Another Gale
411997Ger Reidy44Turf Harvest
421997Ger Reidy44Still Life
421997Greg Sweetnam44The Use of Punctuation
431997Macdara Woods44Biographical Notefrom 'Hedli's House,' cf Cottage Hospital Kinsale Summer 1968
451997Muireann Maguire44Skull
451997Breda Sullivan44Crushed Velvet
461997Darryl Jones44on Menna ElfynReview
491997Thomas Lynch44on Robin RobertsonReview
51998George Gomori45Waiting for the Clean ShirtTranslated by Clive Wilmer and the author
61998Ciaran O'Driscoll45No Milkfiction
81998Pere Quart45CountryTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonCatalan
91998Luis Cernuda45An Idle ManTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonSpanish
101998Valentine Neary45Letter to the Home Place, Dublin 16Monaghan '98
111998Owen Gallagher45Valentine's Day
121998Susan Connolly45The Maiden TowerBuilt in the reign of Elizabeth
151998Martina Evans45Bacon and Cabbage
161998Sam Burnside45from Cruit Island Poems
161998Allison Eir Jenks45The Quilt
171998Jonathan Clarke45Ein Unbekannter Deutscher Soldat
181998Philip Brady45Miracles
191998Joan McBreen45Sea-Bird
201998Macdara Woods45StruckJuly 4th 1998
211998Macdara Woods45Small Hours
221998Kevin Higgins45Francis and Rickyfiction
261998Anthony Caleshu45The Specialist Madam in her Chateau…[And the Cuckold Who Camps in Her Front Garden]
281998Martin Green45Guernica Revisited
291998Carmen Bugan45Emilia
301998Augustus Young45The Irish Seaautobiography
411998Khan Singh Kumar45Aht
421998Mohja Kahf45Mary Calls Her Old High Schol Teacher…[From the University Library at 4 a.m.]
431998Tom French45Burning the Greatcoat
441998J. Kates45Salutation
441998Knute Skinner45Teddy's Shirts
461998Li Bo45A Trader's WifeTranslated by Adrian Kenny & Hou Hai YanChinese
471998Andrew Waterhouse45Safe House at the End of the Linefor Alison
481998Michael Kelly45Transit
481998Linda Satchwell45Liffey Swim
491998Patricia Casey45Wild Blue Swan
501998Howard Wright45Civilian
511998Sinead Aldridge45Three Head StudiesOil on canvas
541998Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin45on recent poetry magazinesReview
51998Robert Welch46Praesidium
61998Michael O'Dea46The Moon's at the Skylight
71998Kevin Kiely46The Unattainable
81998Seán Mackel46Torn Skin
91998Seán Mackel46Invisibly Repairedfor my mother
101998Joseph Woods46Reaping
111998Joseph Woods46Trans-Siberian
121998Richard Kell46The Souvenirs(i.m. Colin Kell, 1955-1995)
141998Christine McNeill46The Other Woman
181998Pat Kaufman46Not One More Centfiction
251998Padraig J. Daly46Bridie Murphy's God
261998Sarah Lough46Messengers
271998Fred Johnston46A Lament for New Musical Fashion
281998Gréagoir Ó Dúill46Ionradh Earraigh
311998Vicky Bell46If I Were Drowning
341998Martin Bennett46MississippiAfter Blaise Cendrars
351998Martin Bennett46Bahrain Fish-Market: A Random Inventory
131998Noah Mass46Untitled
131998Noel Keaveney46A Balance of the Mind
151998Betty Gough46A Face in the Crowd
161998Patrick Deeley46Burren
161998Leo Lavery46Translations
171998Leo Lavery46Love Letters
291998Cathal Poirtéir46Tar Balla Na Reilige
301998Tim Cutler46Brighton Stories
321998Thomas Kabdebo46Journey Around My HeartTranslated by Peter M. ZollmanHungarian
331998Alice Friman46The Corpse
361998John W. Sexton46The Witch
371998Maria Attanasio46Double ListingTranslated by Eilean Ni ChuilleanainItalian
371998Maria Attanasio46Nocturne 3Translated by Eilean Ni ChuilleanainItalian
381998Franco Fortini46SabaTranslated by Eilean Ni ChuilleanainItalian
391998Brunella Bruschi46The PorcupineTranslated by Eilean Ni ChuilleanainItalian
391998Alda Merini46from Rags and ChimerasTranslated by Marco SonzogniItalian
411998Carmelo Zaffora46I waited for the ninth wave…Translated by Eilean Ni ChuilleanainItalian
431998Valerio Magrelli46The PackerTranslated by Riccardo Duranti and Anamaria SerranoItalian
421998Valerio Magrelli46from PoesieTranslated by Riccardo Duranti and Anamaria SerranoItalian
441998Sandro Penna46Two PoemsTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonItalian
441998Sandro Penna46Coineascaraistrithe ag Pearse HutchinsonItalian
451998Giacomo Noventa46Ceard Atá… (Diagachtai)Aistrithe ag Pearse HutchinsinonVeneziano
451998Amedeo Giacomini46Mad ToniTranslated by Pearse Hutchinson from Furlan/Friulano via ItalianFriulano
461998Franco Loi46BackTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonMilanese
461998Nelo Risi46from Pensiere ElemntariTranslated from Italian by Pearse HutchinsonItalian
471998Anonymous46Climbing into my lover's bedTranslated by Pearse Hutchinson; 15th century, from BoninoItalian
481998Anne Donnelly46Lady in headdressPainting: Oil, 1992
491998Dermot Healy46on Pictures From a Reservationreview
511998Melita Cataldi46on Irish responses to Leopardireview
51999Augustus Young47Saplings and Dead Woodfiction
101999Eamonn Lynskey47An Old Man Makes Love to a Young Girl on Mobhi Rd.
111999Richard Kell47The SouvenirsCorrected reprinting after misprinted in Cyphers 46
121999Jean-Pierre Rosnay47The Death of the Fig TreeTranslated by J. KatesFrench
121999Jean-Pierre Rosnay47AlesiaTranslated by J. KatesFrench
141999Jerzy Harasymowicz47NettleTranslated by Maria RewakowiczPolish
151999Jerzy Harasymowicz47HomeTranslated by Maria RewakowiczPolish
161999M.J. Hyland47Toastfiction
221999Byron Beynon47Equalitysee also B.W Beynon
231999Joseph Woods47A Heavy Object
231999Joseph Woods47Three Troglodytes
241999Linda Healey47France, England, and Other Hat-Wearing Islands
251999Carmen Bugan47In the Silent Country
271999Mary Branley47Firing Squad
281999Anna Boner47Thirty-Pound Memoryfiction
381999Floyd Skloot47The Newlyweds, 1938
391999Gerry Hull47Cathal Bui
401999Áine Greaney47The Trip Homefiction
451999Joan McBreen47Corridors of Trees
461999Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin47The Chestnut Choir
471999J. Kates47My Woodstock-Nation (An Allusion)
481999Alice Maher47Coma Berenices I and IIdrawing
51999Adrian Kenny48Mistressfiction
91999Gerard Smyth48Georg Trakl
101999Tom MacIntyre48Euterpe Ag Boogie
111999Daragh Breen48New Moon
121999Mary Shine48You May Ask!
131999Dana Littlepage Smith48Eve
141999John Stevenson48The Cherry Tree
151999Rody Gorman48Doire Nan Draoidhean, TocabhaigScots Gaelic
151999Rody Gorman48Druids' Grove, Tokavaig
151999Rody Gorman48Taigh-DubhScots Gaelic
161999Rody Gorman48Black House
161999Rody Gorman48Bileag BeagScots Gaelic
161999Rody Gorman48Little Leaf
161999Uxio Novoneyra48Os Que Asi Nos Teintranslated by Pearse HutchinsonGalician
171999Emilio Araúxo48DántaPearse Hutchinson a d'aistrigh on nGailleigisGalician
171999Emilio Araúxo48AinmPearse Hutchinson a d'aistrighGalician
181999Nina Berberova48The ticket-taker asked…Translated by J. KatesRussian
181999Nina Berberova48In Memory of Z.N. GippiusTranslated by J. KatesRussian
191999Cesare Pavese48from November QuintetVersion by Marco Sonzogni and David WheatleyItalian
201999Howard Wright48Crux
201999Howard Wright48Orpheus in Ireland
211999Padraig Ó Moráin48Stronger Than Death
221999Joyce Wilson48Hymn
241999Lynne Wycherley48Coming of Age
251999Tom French48Saint Anthony Preaching to the Fish
261999Henri Gougaud48The Murdered PoetsTranslated by Aidan HayesFrench
281999Ted McCarthy48Tyrone
291999Nell Regan48Aspects of Prometheus
301999Leo Lavery48At Hilden Halt
321999Fiona Shackleton48Whites
331999Fiona Shackleton48Ground-Floor Front
341999J. Kates48Seven Proverbs
341999J. Kates48Physical Attributes of the Sea Goddess
351999John McAuliffe48October 31st, 1998
361999Micheál O hUanacháin48Luibheolaiocht
381999Vincent Woods48Frank the Miner Laments His Boss's Death
381999Vincent Woods48Famine Pit
401999Daniel Reardon48For the Dead Fox on the Rock Road
421999Kevin Kiely48Mind's Eclipse
431999Kevin Kiely48The Head Doctor
441999Michael Augustin48Two Drawings
461999Celia de Freine48Suilini
471999Celia de Freine48Seal Da Saol
481999Macdara Woods48For Pat Kaufman
491999Macdara Woods48The Aspect of the Russian Verbfor Guiseppe Santarella; April 21st 2000, Niall's birthday
511999Khan Singh Kumar48Father to Son
521999Khan Singh Kumar48The Night People
531999Adrian Kenny48remembering Arland Ussherarticle
52000Macdara Woods49-50East Road East Wall
82000Belinda Cooke49-50Love in the Fifties and the Man with the Bicycle
82000Belinda Cooke49-50Spring in the Fifties
92000Paul Cahill49-50Vanishing Tidesfiction
182000P.J. Kavanagh49-50November
192000P.J. Kavanagh49-50A Gottle O' Guinness
202000Francis Devine49-50Monkey Dung and White MiceFor Arthur McIvor and Ronnie Johnston
222000Francis Devine49-50Tarlach Mac Ruairi Crossing the Mersey, Oct. 1944
242000Carol V. Davis49-50Are You Ever Going Back to Russia,
252000Vincent Woods49-50Last Housefor Des Braiden
252000Vincent Woods49-50After the American Wake
262000Nigel McLoughlin49-50Catching Firefor Joan and Kate
272000Nigel McLoughlin49-50Kilmakerril
282000Pádraig Bushe49-50Buda Faoi Ghloiro Ghearmainis Rainer Maria RilkeGerman
282000Pádraig Bushe49-50Ag Aistriu Buda Faoi Ghloirsee also Paddy Bushe
292000Pól Breathnach49-50Failte Is Fiche
302000Eilean Ni Chuilleanain49-50Autun
312000Philip Davison49-50The Dukefiction
512000Noel Conneely49-50Larry
522000Pearse Hutchinson49-50Translationfrom Lupe GomezGalician
522000Pearse Hutchinson49-50Untitled
522000Pearse Hutchinson49-50One of the Finest Things
532000Pearse Hutchinson49-50Benediction
542000Charles Cullen49-50Transmorgifications of BloomDrawing
552000Charles Cullen49-50Betta + BloomDrawing
562000Leland Bardwell49-50Insomnia
562000Leland Bardwell49-50Pigeon Outside the Dead Woman's House
572000Lotte Kramer49-50The Phantom Lane
582000Mark Lawlor49-50Spirit
582000Mark Lawlor49-50Inchicore
592000Mary Montague49-50The Young Fulmars
602000Adrian Kenny49-50McGrath Cops Onfiction
662000Gerard Smyth49-50SurrogateFor Joe Smyth, in memory of his mother Frances
672000Peter Kane DuFault49-50Gerontion
682000Daniel Reardon49-50Tidings of Comfort and JoyFor Zoe
682000Daniel Reardon49-50The Loughshinny Seal
702000Joan Newmann49-50Harmonium
712000Augustus Young49-50Open House in Golders Green
722000Kevin Kiely49-50Destination
732000Peggy O'Brien49-50Gleaning Among the Sheaves
742000Kate Newmann49-50Last Will
762000Lawrence Dugan49-50Holy Cross
772000Steven Taylor49-50Walking Across Madison & 5th
782000Mark Czanik49-50Watch With Father
792000Mark Czanik49-50Speaking in Tongues
802000Ciaran O'Driscoll49-50on Kerry Hardie and Eva BourkeReview
832000F.M. Kennedy49-50on Nicola BarkerReview
51993Joan McBreen38The Little Streetafter Vermeer, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
61993Hayden Murphy38Watching the Seas
71993Michael A. Carey38Grandpa's Old and Broken Bones
81993Steve Griffiths38Figures 1990
91993Steve Griffiths38For the Irish Sea
101993Flann O'Connor38Pluperfect
111993Ger Killeen38Voyage of the "Beagle"
121993Ann Chance38Down at Heals
131993Alice Friman38Cardiology
141993Justin Quinn38Some Freedoms
151993Anne MacDarby38The Lion and the Robinfor Linda and Gus
161993David Winwood38Preacher
171993Pedro Salinas38Ground. Nothing more…Translated by James LawlessSpanish
181993Anthony Watts38Danielle at the Poetry MeetingFor Danielle Lily Marie, born 14th September 1986
191993Breda Sullivan38Insant Recall
201993Hugh O'Donnell38Schooling
211993Geoff Parker38The Writing on the Wall
221993Pearse Hutchinson38'S a rá, a Mháirtín…
221993Pearse Hutchinson38Préachán Breac
241993Tom Phillips38In the Museum of Classic Male Chauvinismafter reading 'The Body in Question' by Jonathan Miller
251993Macdara Woods38Acorns from Pavlovskfor Eugenia Alexandrovna Ravtovich
261993Michael Harris38Several Prayers to the Various Repositories
271993Michael Harris38The Climber
281993Mary Wickham38The Alzheimer Christ
291993Carmine Starnino38Picking the Last Tomatoes with My Uncle
301993Philip Davison38Act One Beginnersfiction
341993David Lilburn38The Bishop's LadyDrypoint, Limerick Sequence
371993Hughes Labrusse38Ship KingdomTranslated by John F. DeaneFrench
371993Hughes Labrusse38We Have Also Bathed…Translated by Ciaran O'DriscollFrench
371993Hughes Labrusse38Portrait of a Young GirlTranslated by C.K. WilliamsFrench
381993Francois Jacqmin38from 'Le Livre de la Neige'Translated by Ciaran O'DriscollFrench
381993Hassam Wachill38Today, Somebody Called…Translated by Ciaran O'DriscollFrench
391993Jacques Phytilis38from 'Etoiles Oiseaux'Translated by Jo SladeFrench
401993Maryline Desbiolles38from 'Poemes Saisonniers'Translated by Ciaran O'Driscoll and Pascale AgnewFrench
401993Claire Sara Roux38NovelTranslated by John F. DeaneFrench
411993Denise Desautels38from 'Le Saut de l'Ange'Translated by Pascale Agnew and Ciaran O'DriscollFrench
421993Jacques Rancourt38from 'Les Choses Sensibles'Translated by Ciaran O'DriscollFrench
431993Jo Slade38on Matthew Sweeney and Sharon OldsReview
461993Ciaran O'Driscoll38Poetic FootballCommentary
51996C.E. Ward43EmblemsTo Pearse, on his Birthday from Findrum garden
81996Seán Mackel431960 Belfast
91996Macdara Woods43December 31st: 1996
101996Adrian Kenny4304-May-96
111996Maurice Harmon43The Old Road
121996Nicola J. McNee43Bluebells
131996Julie O'Callaghan43To A Barge Passing on the Horizon
141996Sydney Bernard Smith43Byronics No. 2to Anthony Cronin
151996Ian Pople43Those Efforts
161996Sarah Corbett43The Bath
171996Howard Wright43Departures
181996Damian Quinn43The Spider
181996Damian Quinn43Trek
191996Patrick Moran43Prime Time
201996Celia de Fréine43Solpadeine
201996Celia de Fréine43Performers
211996Mary J. Byrne43from Rogues' Galleryfiction
221996Nicholas McLachlan43Delusions
231996Eamon Grennan43Hanging Cage
241996Martin Bennett43Baobabs in HarmattanKaduna, Northern Nigeria
251996Sabra Loomis43The Bear He Shot On Their Honeymoon in Montana…[That Growled, And Tried to Come Into Their Tent.]
261996Robert Welch43from Work In Progress
271996Ann P. Joyce43Heirloom
281996Padraig J. Daly43Jimmy
281996Padraig J. Daly43Grandmother
291996Orla Murphy43Late Start
301996Joan Salvat-Papasseit43Nocture for AccordionTranslated by Sean Golden for Josep AragayCatalan
311996Miquel Marti I Pol43MenorcaTranslated by Sean GoldenCatalan
321996James Sutherland-Smith43Customer
341996John F. Deane43Silence
341996Stephen Oliver43The Still Watches
351996Michael Kelly43Qasida of Our Times: The So-Honoured Poet
361996Kate Newmann43Da Capo
371996Kate Newmann43Espresso
381996Gréagoir Ó Dúill43Eanacha Agus Ron
391996Paul Finn43Clach Dubh Speur DubhScots Gaelic
401996Charles Cullen43For Pearse, remembering Barcelona. Jan 1997.Drawing
411996Pat Kaufman43Perpetual Carefiction
491996Joseph Woods43At Cao Dai Cathedral, Tay Ninh
491996Joseph Woods43Islington
501996Anne MacDarby43I'm Not Your Little Sister
511996Vincent Woods43on Eva BourkeReview
52001Robert Welch52Going for Broke at Canafiction
512005Joe Fulham59-60Ratoath Church
522001Mary Branley52Nasturtiums
522001Paul Perry52After the CabaretAfter Emmy Hennings
522002David Winwood53Haarlem
522003Paul Murray55Bewilderment
522003Paul Murray55Beginning
522005Christine McNeill59-60Russian Visit
532001Michael Foley52Theories of Order and Chaos
532002Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin53Who Needs the Critics?article
532005Averil Meehan59-60Clean
542001Howard Wright52Carwash
542003Pádraig Ó Gormaile54ÁbharDo Pearse Hutchinson
542005Macdara Woods58On the Kavanagh Centenaryarticle
542005Pádraig Ó Gormaile is Iarla Mac Aodha Bhuí59-60Aistriúchán, Athdhán, Dhátheangachas.agallamh/dialogue
552001Derry O'Sullivan52On Stanislas Likiernik's By Devil's Luck
562005Gabriel Rosenstock59-60Aistriúchán, Athdhán, Dhátheangachas.article
572003Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin54A Community of Poets?comment
572005Tomás Mac Síomóin59-60Athdánaí, Athdhánú, Athdhán...article
602008Margaret Irish65A Blazing, Beautiful Thingfiction
602005Kevin Kiely59-60'Cyphers' Not-So-Lonely-Hearts' Club Band
692008Desmond Hogan65The House of Mourningfiction
792008Aoife Casby65About 56º 1556
802008Faiha Abdulhadi65A RainbowTranslated by the authorArabic
832008Faiha Abdulhadi65In My CountryTranslated by Wail AbughazalehArabic
842008Yitzhak Laor65The Border of LightTranslated by Vivian EdenHebrew
842008Yitzhak Laor65PoetryTranslated by Vivian EdenHebrew
852008Yitzhak Laor65Take Care, SoldierTranslated by Vivian EdenHebrew
862008Ruth O'Donnell65from the Istanbul sketchbookTwo monoprints
882008Mariana Dan65ó I Measc na nEocrachaAistrithe ag Mícheál Ó hUanacháinRomanian
912008Macdara Woods65Circles
902008Macdara Woods65Dearcadh
922008Susan Connolly65Coney Hall 1880
932008Jack Cuddihy65Maureen Lappan
942008ingeborg Bachmann65The World is LargeTranslated by Christine McNeillGerman
952008Kevin Bowen65Beirut Nights
972008Elizabeth Quinlan65The Condemned House
982008Jim Maguire65Running Amok in the Park
992008Jim Maguire65Pearl River Dream
1012008Christopher Merrill65All Hallows Eve
1022008Christopher Merrill65Conditional
92002Tom French53Two policewomen arresting death in a field
282006Francis Devine63The death of Forkan in the Railwaymens, SwindonFor Ted Egan, Ted Egan, Ballybricken & Beyond
302006Kevin Kiely63Researching Venus in Furs and Psychopathia Sexuali
352003Pham Ngoc Canh54The Year of the Dog When My Mother Gave Birth to MTranslated by Nguyen Ba Chung and Kevin BowenVietnamese
382007J. Kates64On the Removal of the Bald Eaglefrom the Endangered Species List
462004Leland Bardwell57Patrick Kavanagh and Women: a dialogue for voicesmemoir
512008Augustus Young66 The Strange World of Maurice Scullyarticle
512006Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin62Critics: John Jordan and Thomas Kinsellareview
962008Richard W. Halperin65Two Old Ladies Were Walking Hand in Hand
341989Thomas Lynch31These Things Happen in the Lives of Women
251990Edward McWhinney33Pub Crawlfiction
52002Lisa Steppe53Remembering Snow
52003Margit Schreiner54The Pigeontranslated by Eoin BourkeGerman
52009Leland Bardwell67Conversations With and Around a Madmanfiction
52003Edward McWhinney55Crab Lanefiction
52007Michelle O'Sullivan64Two Women Alone
52007Michelle O'Sullivan64Edge
52008Mark Lawlor65Breakfiction
52004Sabra Loomis56War Stories
52004Ly Lan57The Grand Canyontranslated by the author with Kevin BowenVietnamese
52000Janet Shepperson51No Trace of Me
52005Jacqueline McCarrick581975fiction see also Jaki McCarrick
52005Kevin Kiely59-60Our Flight Today
52006Joris Iven61Self-PortraitTranslated by John IronsFlemish
52008Regina Derieva66Three PoemsTranslated by J. KatesRussian
52006Adrian Kenny62Mermaidfiction
52006Patrick Galvin63Leaving
52006Patrick Galvin63Legend
62007Michelle O'Sullivan64Legit
62008J. Kates66Critique
62006Desmond Hogan63The Hare's Pursefiction
62008J. Kates66The Last Virgin
72007Michelle O'Sullivan64Bolt
72004Sabra Loomis56The Grandmother
72005Mark Lawlor59-60Visitfiction
72008Richard W. Halperin66Sunflower
82003Heather Brett54Overhang
82000Virgil Suarez51Garment District - Los Angeles, California
82007Susan Connolly64Walking the Seawall at Baltray
82004Sabra Loomis56ESP
82008Vincent Woods66Elegy for Charlie Townsend
92003Nell Regan54Underworld
92003Nell Regan54That July
92000Virgil Suarez51Clothespins/ Los Palitos de Tenderas
92001Macdara Woods52Green Novemeber: Missiano 2001
92004David Winwood57The AS80Standard Rifle Issue of the British Army
92005Macdara Woods59-60Coffee at the Café RimbaudAugust 23 2005
102002Macdara Woods53Ranelagh Road, April 2002
102003Mark Lawlor54Day of the Sun
102003Mark Lawlor54Photograph
102000Martin Bennett51OdeAfter Valery Larbaud
102007Mary Montague64The Lioness and the Oryx
102008Adrian Kenny65The Lower Deckfiction
102004Hugh McFadden57Walking a Blue and Red Razor's Edge
102006Catriona Clutterbuck61From 'Carrying the Child'
102008Issa66Haiku aistrithe ag Gabriel RosenstockJapanese
112001Christopher Levenson52Indianapolis
112002Macdara Woods53Noone
112003Leland Bardwell54These Aspirins Seem to be No UseLast words of Ernest Shackleton
112009Fred Johnston67Colmani.m. Paul Wilkins, musician, friend
112000James J. McAuley51PastoraleHomage to John Clare
112001Christopher Levenson52DaumierPainters Series
112004Roderick Ford57The Uncles
112006Louise Glasscoe61The House
112006Christine McNeill62Contact
112008Willie-Joe Meally66Another Time
122001Gwyn Parry52Jet
122001Gwyn Parry52Always Country
122002Theodore Deppe53Nothing to do Near Colla Piersee also Ted Deppe
122003Martin Bennett54Whilst Waiting
122003Martin Bennett54Translation
122009Nigel McLoughlin67Exodus
122000Fiona Sampson51How it was
122003Breda Sullivan55Plucked From the Bog
122007Mary Montague64Encounter
122004Maurice Scully57From SONATA
122005Daniel Reardon59-60Coney Island
122006Kit Fryatt61Makepace: Two Storiesfiction
122006Mary Montague62Shadow
122008Gary Allen66Let the Play Begin
132002Sergey Stratonovsky53Two PoemsTranslated by J. KatesRussian
132003Ann Leahy54Fair Game
132009Nigel McLoughlin67At Bridge
132000Fiona Sampson51Walking, Flying
132003Breda Sullivan55The Big Secret
132006Roderick Ford62The Shadow Garden
132008Gary Allen66I Become My Uncles
142001Cheryl Follon52The Wilderness of Ophelia
142002J. Kates53In the Valley
142003Adrian Kenny54Dickie Riordanmemoir
142009Byron Beynon67Sealssee also B.W Beynon
142009Liam Aungier67The Scholarship Boy
142000Heather Abner51Russian Style
142003Ger Reidy55The Winter is Long
142003Fred Johnston55Up There
142007Graham Long64Dublin Funeral
142004Jean O'Brien57The Book
142005Mark Czanik58My Father, Istvan Czanik
142005Mark Czanik58Aftershock
142006Nigel McLoughlin62Lighting the Tree
142008Mary O'Donnell66Ageing Girls
152001Art Murphy52On the Road
152002J. Kates53The Relic
152009John Murphy67Harvest
152000Heather Abner51Trying on Diane's New York Clothes
331990Oliver Dunne33And my Hand Still Strokes her Hair
152003Rainer Maria Rilke55Prayer for the MadTranslated by Christine McNeillGerman
152007Thomas McCarthy64Ireland, 2007
152004Ciarán Carson57Béal FeirsteAistrithe ag Gabriel RosenstockEnglish
152004Ciarán Carson57SreangAistrithe ag Gabriel RosenstockEnglish
152005Seamus Colreavy58Soda Bread
152006Leo Lavery61Poet in his Place
152006Augustus Young62The Man of the Port
152008Gerard Smyth66Lost Photograph
162001István Latakos52The Limits of KnowledgeTranslated by Thomas KabdeboHungarian
162002John Minihan53Père LachaisePhotograph
162009Brian Leyden67Any News?fiction
162000Macdara Woods51Casas Colgadas
162003John J. Kelly55There Was a Field
162007Gerry Hanberry64The Taste of Apples
162004Ciarán Carson57DeoraíochtAistrithe ag Gabriel RosenstockEnglish
162005Gary Allen58Desire
162005Naton Leslie59-60'Wouldn't You Really Rather have a Buick'prose
162006Joe Fulham61Judas
162006Jack Cuddihy62Harry
162008Mary Rose Callan66'Let's go for a walk to the Orchard'
162008Mary Rose Callan66He Writes the Alphabet Backwards
172001Tim Cunningham52Wheelwright
172003John Minihan54Pub, Athy, Co. Kildare, 1972Photograph
172000Len Jenkinson51The Museum of Speedfiction
172003Hugh Maxton55Dedication Later
172007Mary Rose Callan64Of Bells and Apple Trees
172008Philip Davison65From a Novelfiction
172004Ileana M?l?ncioiu57An BordAistrithe ag Eiléan Ní ChuilleanáinRomanian
172005Gary Allen58Solomon
172005Naton Leslie59-60At Least it's Squareprose
172006Joe Fulham61Old Men
172008Kristiina Ehin66I sleep as mud in the forest…Translated by Ilmar LehtpereEstonian
182001David McLoghlin52'I carried your oxygen'In Memoriam Edwina Hamill 1950-2000.
182002Leland Bardwell53For Dan
182002Leland Bardwell53Oh! Well
182003Áine Ní Mhaonaigh55Anything Made of Light or Stonefiction
182007Jim Feeney64The Laughing Lizard Inn
182004Sandro Penna57Laghdaigh Mo PhianAistrithe ag Pearse HutchinsonItalian
182004Sandro Penna57Gloine BainneAistrithe ag Pearse HutchinsonItalian
182004Miquel Martí i Pol57Am NuaAistrithe ag Pearse HutchinsonCatalan
182005Kevin Kiely58In a Dublin Fish & Chip Shop
182005Patrick Moran59-60Report
182006Sabra Loomis61Like Music
182006Leo Lavery62This Morning's Snow
182008Pauline Hall66AutomatSee also Pauline Clarke
192001David McLoghlin52St James the YoungerAfter Ribera.
192002Leland Bardwell5380 Year Old Lady
192002Andriana Ierodiaconou53Night Poemtranslated by the authorGreek
192003Kevin Bowen54Reading Vietnamese Poetryarticle
192007Laurence James64Gesturefor N
192004Manuel Altolaguirre57An Duine LeithleachAistrithe ag Pearse HutchinsonSpanish
192004Josep Palau I Fabre57ClochAistrithe ag Pearse HutchinsonCatalan
192005Fred Johnston58Song of the King Under the Mountain
192005Adrian Kenny59-60Portrait of the Artist as a Young Maneenfiction
192006Sabra Loomis61Geography Lesson
192006Mary Frost62Status
192006Seth Friedman63The Daughter of Place
192008Caroline Price66Saltings
202002Maurice Scully53from TIG
202009Shirley McClure67Hello Tina
202007Aifric Mac Aodha64File
202007Simon Ó Faoláin64Sólás Síorraí
202004Àlex Susanna57Family TreeAistrithe ag Pearse HutchinsonCatalan
202005Leland Bardwell58A Paean to My Uncle Kit
202006Brendan McMahon62The Creek
202006Colette Olney62Godsend
202006J. Kates63On The RoadIvan Turgenev
202006Richard W. Halperin63Greystones Bray Walk, December 2005
202008Geraldine Mitchell66The Fish
212001Susan Connolly52The Biology Lab
212007Simon Ó Faoláin64Acaill Beag
212004Desmond Hogan57Wedding at Gallogfiction
212006Livia Viitol61PoemTranslated by Ilmar LehtpereEstonian
212006Mary Noonan62Pastourelle
212006Lorna Shaughnessy63Unsung
212006Manuela Visigalli63I've made out a will…
212008Liadain Sherrard66Tortoise mating
222001Anne MacDarby52ShamrockFor Miriam Eytan
222001Anatoly Kudryavitsky52Bunin: Portrait with the Person Missing
222003Hoang Hung54The Man Who Came BackTranslated by Hoang HungVietnamese
222009Ger Reidy67After Rain
222009Ger Reidy67Down at the Crossroads
222003J. Kates55First Person
222007Howard Wright64Fanfare
222007Thomas O'Grady64Sunday Morning
222005Leland Bardwell58No Road Beyond the Graveyard
222006Crawford Gribben61Horse in the Bog
222006Pearse Hutchinson62Three Poems
222006Ger Reidy63Visiting
222006Michelle O'Sullivan63Throttled
222008Jaki McCarrick66Painting, Smoking, Eatingfiction see also Jacqueline McCarrick
232001Gerard Smyth52Gagarin the Spaceman
232003Pham Xuan Sinh54Hurricanes Blasted the EarthTranslated by Nguyen Ba Chung and Kevin BowenVietnamese
232009Ger Reidy67Difference
232003J. Kates55How Can There Be a War Going On
232007Declan Sweeney64Night
232005Deborah Moffatt58Courting Them All
232006Contance Short61From The Whole Nine YardsTexts by the artist. Irish translations by Seán Hutton
232006Pelle Lowe63Tracking Shot
242001Adam Rudden52Ocean EyesFor Aisling
242002Gabriel Rosenstock53Fomhar Haiku ón gCroitCroatian
242003Lam Thi My Da54Birdsong in the RicefieldTranslated by Martha Collins and Thuy DinhVietnamese
242000Edward McWhinney51St. Anthony Streetfiction
242003Nicholas McLachlan55Never
242003Nicholas McLachlan55On Attending a Lecture on Bob Dylan
242007Sabra Loomis64Bring the Lambs
242005Gerard Smyth58Survivors
242005Jim Feeney59-60A Dry County in Arkansas
242008Hugh O'Donnell65After the Fall
242008Hugh O'Donnell65Convalescent in Capetown
242006Miguel Anxo Fernán Vello62TimpistAistrithe ag Pearse HutchinsonGalician
242006Charles Cullen63In Languedocdrawing
252001Paul Cahill52Jennifer Largefiction
252003Huu Thinh54I Walk into TownTranslated by George Evans and Nguyen Qui DucVietnamese
252003Howard Wright55Mosney
252007Sabra Loomis64Elephant
252005Noel Conneely58Strange Gods
252005David Winwood59-60Light
252008John Murphy65Like a Bowing Wave
252006Vincent Woods62Dynamic Light
252006Vincent Woods62Anointed
252006Charles Cullen63Andalusialoose leaf illustration
262002Augustus Young53O'Cultmemoir
262003Huu Thinh54Looking For PeopleTranslated by George Evans and Nguyen Qui DucVietnamese
262003Y Nhi54To a Son on His 20th BirthdayTranslated by Nguyen Ba Chung and Marilyn NelsonVietnamese
262003Kevin Kiely55When Myths Collide
262005Sergey Stratanovsky58The Library TowerTranslated by Anatoly KudryavitskyRussian
262005Alan Jude Moore59-60EmigréMoscow, August 2004
262008Ileana M?l?ncioiu65PilgrimageTranslated by Eiléan Ní ChuilleanáinRomanian
262005Alan Jude Moore59-60AegeanMoscow, August 2004
262006Jacqueline McCarrick61The Lagoonfiction. See also Jaki McCarrick
262006Maura O'Brien62Facefiction
262006Jean O'Brien63Masks
272003Y Nhi54A Madman at Ba Trieu StreetTranslated by Nguyen Ba Chung and Marilyn NelsonVietnamese
272007Áinín Ní Bhroin64She Was All Acquiescencefiction
272005Ricardo Feierstein58DecalogueTranslated by J. Kates and Stephen A. SadowSpanish
272008Colette Connor65The Address Book
272005Belinda Cooke59-60Bible and Rounders
272005Belinda Cooke59-60Starting Outi.m. John and James Cooke
272006Joyce Wilson63Provisions
282003Che Lan Vien54Fake FoodTranslated by Nguyen Ba Chung and Kevin BowenVietnamese
282003Che Lan Vien54EchoTranslated by Nguyen Ba Chung and Kevin BowenVietnamese
282000David Devitt51A Cactus Flowers in Tom Kelly Road
282003Laurence James55Entartet
282003Leo Lavery55Backgardens
282005Elena Lopez58The Bit of Woodfiction
282008Padraig Ó Moráin65Jesus Loves Angela
282005Suzanne Muir Scott59-60from 1929Out of Element
292003Vo Thi Hao54Across the AbyssTranslated Tran Dinh HoanhVietnamese
292000Dorothy Molloy51Christmas in the Pyrenees
292003Gary Allen55Roots
292004Desmond Hogan57Three Drawings
292008Barry Butson65Or Any Year After
292008Itzok Osojnik66'Earth Blue as an Orange'Translated by Ana Jelnikar and Ciaran O'DriscollSlovene
302003Nguyen Quang Thieu54PoetFor Nguyen QuyenVietnamese
302008Aki Salmela66FishTranslated by Aki Salmela and Ciaran O'DriscollFinnish
302000Carmen Bugan51For My Father
1042008Peggie Gallagher65When Una Died
302003Catriona O'Reilly55Crows Gathering
302003Eibhlín Nic Eochaidh55Feeding the Dark
302005Alice Maher58Yolandedrawing
302008Pelle Lowe65ManeuversFor Kevin McLellan
302005Howard Wright59-60Parade
302005Kusi Okamura59-60Blackbird
302006Breda Sullivan61The Fifties
312003Nguyen Quang Thieu54The Souls of CowsTranslated by the author and Kevin BowenVietnamese
312008Ciaran O'Driscoll66In The KarstGolden Boat Workship, Slovenia, 2008.
312003Belinda Cooke55Tapping the Bids
312008Pelle Lowe65The Projectionist
312005J. Kates59-60Industrial Steel, Quai d'Orsay
312006Breda Sullivan61From the Edge
312006John McKeown63Ferris Wheel
322003Nam Ha54ElephantsSouthern Ben Hai, Truong Son Road, 30 April 1964Vietnamese
322008Charles Cullen66'Nighttown Improvisations'etching
322000Byron Beynon51Seaweedsee also B.W Beynon
322000Byron Beynon51Perfect Pitchsee also B.W Beynon
322003Kieran Furey55Crossing the Border at Figuig
322004Enda Coyle-Green57Hope
322004Fred Johnston57Found Man at Vauban
322005David McLoghlin58The Fallen Angel
322008Aidan Murphy65Motherlove
322008Aidan Murphy65Takeover
322005Ger Reidy59-60The Refinery
322005Gary Allen59-60The House on Velvet Street
322006Peggie Gallagher61The Twins
322006Peggie Gallagher61What I Keep
322006Stella Rotenberg62ChronicleTranslated by Eoin BourkeGerman
322006Paddy Bushe63To Plant Early Potatoesfor Pearse Hutchinson
332003Bui Minh Quoc54How BitterTranslated by Nguyen Ba Chung and Kevin BowenVietnamese
332008Charles Cullen66' - a languid floating flower'etching
332000Byron Beynon51Rhyd Y Car, Sain Ffagensee also B.W Beynon
332003Dorothy Molloy55Cast Out
332004Siobhán Campbell57Pitched
332005David McLoghlin58The Sandymount Strand II
332008Gene Barry65January Dewfor Marie Stuart
332005Gary Allen59-60Grief
332006Peggie Gallagher61Early Delivery
332006Ian Watson63Hedgefor Pearse Hutchinson
342003Tran Dang Khoa54Soldiers and FriendsTranslated by Fred Merchant and Nguyen Ba ChungVietnamese
342008Howard Wright66The Hurricane
1042008Peggie Gallagher65A Ben Bulben Springfor Eilo
342000Derry O'Sullivan51Ag Léim Rópa le Réalta Bhuí Phárais
342006Naton Leslie63Reading Adam Schick 1842-1914
342007Gary Allen64Adrift
342003Ciaran O'Driscoll55After Montale
342004Mary Rose Callan57Listening to Snow
342005Elizabeth Quinlan58Hampstead Lane, Early MorningFor Ellen O'Brien-Gomperts August 4th, 1933-Dec. 6, 2002
342008Pearse Hutchinson65Crucifixions
342008Pearse Hutchinson65April
342005Olivia Kenny McCarthy59-60Finding the Plough
342006Gilles Vigneault61When I Pulled on the BootsTranslated by Aidan HayesFrench
342006Sinead Aldridge62CovertOil on Linen
352002David Devitt53Flying to ArabyFor Richard Riordan
352003Tran Dang Khoa54Yard and SkyTranslated by Fred Merchant and Nguyen Ba ChungVietnamese
352008Howard Wright66Four
352008Howard Wright66The Sea At Night
352006Crawford Gribben63Johnathan Edwards Splitting Sticks
362007Ruth O'Donnell64On Titian's Table I and IIetchings
352005Seán Golden58RedemptionFrom 'Shards of Venice'
352008Emilio Araúxo65BurrenTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonGalician
352005Peggie Gallagher59-60A Bog Hole
352006Sinead Aldridge62SheltrunOil on Linen
362002Mary Branley53Threshold
362003To Thuy Yen54Eyes Wide OpenTranslated by Thomas O'GradyVietnamese
362008Len Jenkinson66Andantefiction
362000Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin51Cloister of Bones
362006Aonghas MacNeacail63Lia FailbilingualScots Gaelic
362003Ciaran O'Driscoll55Life Monitor
362004Heather Jones57The Kettle
362004Heather Jones57The Eiffel Tower
362004Nigel McLoughlin57The Book of Invasions
362008Clare Ryan65Slippers on the Pathfiction
372005Lorna Shaughnessy59-60Drinking Lemonade with Whistler's Mother
372005Leland Bardwell59-60The Knowlegde of Beezie McGowan
362006Josep Palau i Fabre61Im' AonairAistrithe ón gCatalóinis ag Pearse HutchinsonCatalan
362006Gaius Valerius Catullus6239, Egnatius, quod candidos habet dentesTranslated by Eiléan Ní ChuilleanáinLatin
362006Gaius Valerius Catullus6217, O ColoniaTranslated by Eiléan Ní ChuilleanáinLatin
372002Patrick Moran53Apologia
372002Eamonn Cooke53Ballyluskey
372003J. Kates54Reviewing Anthologiescomment
372000Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin51The Bend in the Road
372003Jacques Bertin55Oh C'est Une ChanceTranslated by Aidan HayesFrench
372004Lorna Shaughnessy57Torching the Brown River
382005Jason Harris59-60Longitude
372006Colette Nic Aodha61Up the Walls in Dubrovnikprose
372006Aidan Tynan62Obituarist
382002Naton Leslie53Keeping Up
382000Xosé Vizoso51Two Drawings
382007J. Kates64Scholarship
382007J. Kates64Statement of a Refugee from Babel
382003John Mee55Location
382003John Mee55Saturday Night
382004Susan Connolly57Old House
382005Tadhg Russell58Newsreel
392005Leo Lavery58In a Park
362005Leo Lavery59-60Owl
362005Brendan McMahon59-60Owls
382006Terry McDonagh62A Couple Returned
392002Naton Leslie53Once a Livery
392007Heather Jones64Basque Cross at Arantzazu
392003Lawrence Dugan55For Sale Near the Sea
382005Leo Lavery58Weltende
392008Leland Bardwell65Tears
392005Roderick Ford59-60Mirror
392006Fred Johnston62At Pont-Aven
402002Deborah Moffatt53Fair Haired Boy
402003Laura Bardwell54Two American Poetsreview
412000Kit Fryatt51Traditional
402006Mícheál Ó hUanacháin63Asáitithe
402007Endre Ady64The Legend O the Leddy MargretTranscreated into Scots by Tom HubbardHungarian
402003Gerald Mangan55Kinsale
402004Belinda Cooke57Orchard Street
402004Howard Wright57Hometown
402005Mícheál Ó hUanacháin58Giorraíonn Beirt Bóthard'Alix
402008Lisa Steppe65The Lake of Tears of Sorrowing Womenfiction
402005Patrick Deeley59-60Rocking Horse
402006Ciaran O'Driscoll61Girl at Station Exit in the Snow
402006Ciaran O'Driscoll61Survivor
402006Elizabeth Quinlan62Pentecostal Church
412002Art Murphy53After the Burning of Bombay Street
402000Kit Fryatt51The Warp
412006Mícheál Ó hUanacháin63Frithfhuaim Chéadfach
412003Gerald Mangan55Four HeadsCharcoal drawing
412004John Wakeman57Map Spoilers
412004John Wakeman57Father and Son
412005Naton Leslie58Emma Gets Around
412005Celia de Fréine59-60Scarecrows at Newtownards (II)after a painting by Daniel O'Neill
412006Ciaran O'Driscoll61Magritte
412006Heather Jones62Do You Remember Berlin?
422008Michael Foley66Yu Xuanji In The Convent of Gathered Blessings
422000Noel King51Sunday Alone
422000Merryn Williams51The Gardener's Wife
422006Pádraig Ó Gormaile63Naomh
422004Sheila Phelan57HarbourFor Paul and Willemien
422005Michael O'Dea59-60Not Another Bone From Adam
422006Naton Leslie61World View
422006Padraig Rooney62A Memory of Hedli MacNiece
422006Padraig Rooney62At The Pointe CourteIn memory of Mary Reid
432002Graham Long53Story
432008Michael Foley66Lu Yu In the Garden
432000Laurence James51High on the Downs
432006Anne O'Connell63An Cailín Fionn
432004Preston Hood57What Saves MeFor Arrick
432005Naton Leslie58A Slave Ship Speaks
432006Naton Leslie61Housecleaning
432006Padraig Rooney62The Sea of NothingnessFree in the oriental streets of thought
442001Brian Palm52Wendypainting
442002Knute Skinner53A Broken Cup
442008Aidan Murphy66Lullaby
442008Aidan Murphy66Little Resurrection
442000Ciaran O'Driscoll51Presences
442003David McLoghlin54Luis Cernudacomment
442006Theodore Deppe63Grand Roundssee also Ted Deppe
442003Macdara Woods55From The Ranelagh Gardens
442004Gary Rafferty57Fox-Fires Rising
442005Susan Wicks58Sausalito
442008Áinín Ní Bhroin65Finitofiction
442005Mick O'Dea59-60Figure Studypencil
442006Paul Finn61Machair
442006Padraig Rooney62Spa
452002Anatoly Kudryavitsky53Letters of the Burning BookFor Asya Shneiderman
452008Aidan Murphy66The Gravity of Money
452000Ciaran O'Driscoll51After Psalm 1
452006Michael Coady63The Woman of Five BathroomsAfter Mangan
452004Louise Glasscoe57Beulah Laundry
452005Miguel Anxo Fernan Vello58The Light of a White LamentTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonGalician
452005Mick O'Dea59-60Édaín No. 9charcoal
452006Ciaran O'Driscoll61On American Poetryreview
452006Kristiina Ehin62'there are cracks…'Translated by Ilmar LehtpereEstonian
462001Michael O'Dea52Railway Child
462001Michael O'Dea52Legend
462002Sabine Wichert53Laying Poison
462002Susan Wicks53Estaminet at Ondank Mill
462008Martin Bennett66Bar Fantastico
462000Orla Murphy51Sestina
462006Macdara Woods63Inniskeen Road, Louis MacNeice and Hedli MacNeiceedited speech
462003Oliver Marshall55Silence
462005Daniel Reardon58On the Bridge
462005Munir Niazi59-60Fuinneog Leath ar Oscailt um Mheán OícheAistrithe ag Gabriel RosenstockUrdu or Punjabi
462005Munir Niazi59-60DohaAistrithe ag Gabriel RosenstockUrdu or Punjabi
462006Mary Rose Callan62Oarsman
462006Gerard Smyth62Cinema Verité
472001Matthew Fluharty52Walter Franklin's TestimonyMarch 15, 1974
472002Leo Lavery53Snow
472000Jason Harris51Mise-en-scène
472003Niall McGrath55Treasures of the Unconsiousi.m. Tommy Holmes
472005Padraig Rooney58The Lay-by
472005Munir Niazi59-60Fón ar FánAistrithe ag Gabriel RosenstockUrdu or Punjabi
472005Munir Niazi59-60Guth sa bhFásachAistrithe ag Gabriel RosenstockUrdu or Punjabi
472006Hugh O'Donnell62Remembrance Day Sean McDermott St.
482001Anne O'Connor52October 25th, 2000
482002Eamonn Wall53How You Leave
482008Pearse Hutchinson66On a Summer Day in West Corkfor R. W.
482008Jorge De Lima66Warriortranslated by Pearse HutchinsonBrazilian Portuguese
482000Knute Skinner51On Balance
482003Gréagóir Ó Dúill54Writing in Irish Needs the Criticscomment
482003Maurice Harmon55The Sword
482003Gréagoir Ó Dúill55Shangri La
482005Charlotte Boulay58Changeling
482005Fred Johnston59-60Address
482005Philip Casey59-60The Warm Stone
482006Lisa Steppe62I Have Difficulties
492001Christine McNeill52Mr Keenan's Cross
492002Pireeni Sundaralingam53My Country is a White Blindness
492008Carlos Drummond de Andrade66The Marriage of Heaven and HellTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonBrazilian Portuguese
492000José Martí51Little HorsemanTranslated by Louise C. CallaghanSpanish
492003Ben McGuire55Marsh
492005Kit Fryatt58On Maurice Scully and 'Experimental' Poetryreview
492008Howard Wright65Buttermilk
492005Philip Casey59-60Oasis
492006Iggy McGovern61The Passion of 'The Great Hunger'article
492006James J. McAuley62The Shell Collector
502001Michael Kelly52Angelic Vision
502002Pireeni Sundaralingam53Letters from Exile
502008Bernadette McCarrick66My Father's Barn
502000Leo Lavery51Spring 2000
502003Pádraig Ó Gormaile54Breandán Ó Doibhlincomment
502006Tom Hubbard63Macdara Woods' 'Artichoke Wine'review
502003Paul Grattan55The Mushroom KillersFor Elena & Anton Kononenko
502008Mervyn Holzer65Handle with Care
502005Michelle Gallen59-60Castlebane Parochial House
512001Deirdre Carr52Wax Angel
512001Mary Branley52Accommodation Policy of Sligo Council
512002Roderick Ford53The Iron House
512000Pearse Hutchinson51Uxío Novoneyraarticle
512008Mark Czanik65The Imposterfiction
1022008J. Kates65A Riff on the7th Satire (ll. 1-52) of JuvenalEt spes et ratio studiorum in Casare tantum…
301975Robert O'Donoghue1The Village
271977-8Alan Dixon7To Farmers
351984Elena López21Tus ojosbilingualSpanish
91986Thomas Lynch25Intimate Knowledge of Another
232000Michael O'Dea49-50At Naomh Einne's Well
522000Pearse Hutchinson49-50Translationfrom Umberto SabaItalian
422003Gerald Mangan55The Struggle 1Pastel drawing
432003Gerald Mangan55The Struggle 2Pastel drawing
182003John Minihan54Miss Birley, Athy, 1969Photograph
102004Seán Golden56from A FEW BY DU MUChinese
112004Kit Fryatt56A memorable Fancy
122004Joe Fulham56Two Frozen Birds
122004Ann Joyce56The Meadow
132004Gerard Smyth56A New Tenancy
142004Eamon Grennan56A Hare in Connemara
152004Fred Johnston56A Beautiful Huguenot Girl Explains the Tree of Lib
172004Owen Gallagher56Bog Cotton Grave
182004Tiernan Ivory56First
192004Mark Czanik56The Bagfiction
272004Mary Branley56Martin, Let me Go
282004Caroline Price56Current
282004Laura Bardwell56Mama
292004Laura Bardwell56Moderation
292004Diana Clay56Imbalance
302004Adrian Kenny56The Tea Clothfiction
332004Macdara Woods56from THE CELLO SUITES
392004Naton Leslie56Emma Complains about Will
402004Maurice Scully56from ADHERENCE
412004Francis Harvey56Sandhoppers
412004Francis Harvey56No Boards
422004David Devitt56For Mary GaffneyDublin, September 2003
432004Emilio Araúxo56The Countryman's Last ActTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonGalician
442004Michael Augustin56from ASSORTED SHORT CUTSTranslated by Sujata BhattGerman
452004Michael Augustin56Drawing
462004Rody Gorman56I nGleann Dá Loch
462004Rody Gorman56Le Cois Mhuir Mheann
472004Rody Gorman56Faobhar
472004Ileana M?l?ncioiu56PaidirAistrithe ag Eiléan Ní ChuilleanáinRomanian
482004J. Kates56The Comedy
492004Macdara Woods56Remembering Patrick KavanaghSpeech: March 17 2004 by the Grand Canal
432004Preston Hood57Novemberfor my children, Tamara, Tanek and Arrick
312005Alice Maher58SimonettaDrawing
342006Gilles Vigneault61The RobotsTranslated by Aidan HayesFrench
1052008Alan Jude Moore65Snow TrucksMoscow, 24th February 2006
1062008Robert Greacen65Captain Fox remembers a Childhood Holidayoriginally in Cyphers 4
1072008Allan Bell65reviewed A Garland for Captain Foxoriginally in Cyphers 2
402007Endre Ady64The Legend o the Leddy MargretTranslated by Tom HubbardHungarian
412007Attila Jószef64Withoot Hope, Slawly, DourlyTranslated by Tom HubbardHungarian
412007Tom Hubbard64Grandmother's Wartime Song
432007Augustus Young64Ordinary Renditions
442007Joseph Allen64Thoralf Sorlle
442007Joseph Allen64Shooting the Sun
452007Mary Branley64Wild
462007Martin Dyar64Badger
472007Tom Hubbard64Gregory O'Donoghue Ghost Dancereview
492007Macdara Woods64James Brennan 1944-2007memoir
162004Ceila de Fréine56Cherubin, My Eye
232009Aifric MacAodha68Bíonn Blas ar an mBeagán, Leithscéal
462009Kristiina Ehin68The child playsTranslated by Ilmar LehtpereEstonian
382009Roderick Ford68The Child
222009Michael O'Dea68Then
262009Graham Allen68The Fags
452009Daniel Chirom68 BridgesTranslated from Spanish by J. Kates & Stephen A. Sadow
342009Gary Allen68Two stops from Belfast
422009Jim Feeney68Savannah
242009Sinéad Aldridge68ScoreOil on Linen
402009David Cooke68Hill-Fort
52009Natasha Cuddington68Fragments
92009Peggie Gallagher68There's a Rat in the Kitchenfiction
142009Joseph Allen68Grace
152009Dermot J. Archer68Black
162009Niall McGrath68Thresher Sam
182009Edward Boyne68Shots
192009Leo Lavery68James Simmons - a souvenir
202009John O'Malley68My time in Maynooth
202009Patrick Moran68Advent
212009Howard Wright68A Kind of Religion
262009Terry McDonagh68The Hag
272009Miceál Kearney68Larry and Barry
282009Patricia O'Callaghan68early morning bus
282009Susan Kelly68Brothers
292009Jean O'Brien68Summer Colours
302009Tom Phillips68Suddenly there was Eden Quay
302009Alan Jude Moore68Eden Quay
352009Patrick Kehoe68Claude Debussy Light
362009Ger Reidy68Returning
372009Michelle O'Sullivan68Unlade
392009Hugh O'Donnell68Whistleblower
402009Aidan Murphy68Smoker's Epitaph
422009Mary Barnecutt68Walls
432009Kevin Kiely68Missing Persons
442009Pere Quart68Personal SilenceTranslated from Catalan by Pearse Hutchinson
482009John Walsh68Summer house
502009John Liddy68Blue Beauty
512009Crisdean MacIlleabháin68A' Sgrúdadh Deilbh-Chàmara dheth fhéinaistrithe go Gaeilge ag Gréagóir Ó Dúill
512009Crisdean MacIlleabháin68Ag Scrúdu Griangraf de féinaistrithe go Gaeilge ag Gréagóir Ó Dúill
62010Macdara Woods69Blessed Thomas of Prague
72010Leo Lavery69The Poet Complains
82010Patrick Moran69Harvesting: 1962
92010Desmond Hogan69The History of Magpiesfiction
182010Ger Reidy69Goodbye
192010Richard W. Halperin69The Deep Blue Sea
202010Augustus Young69The Cork Renaissance
212010Jo Slade69Bells
222010Philip Cummings69An Dara Bogha Baistí
242010Emilio Araúxo69Two photographsfrom Deicaquí
232010Caitríona Ní Chleirchín69Babí Léto
262010Tom MacIntyre69Meeting the Stone
272010Mike Casey69The Cormorant Fishing Company
282010Gary Allen69The Plague
292010Peggie Gallagher69Parlour
302010Jaki McCarrick69The Ladies' Beachsee also Jacqueline McCarrick
312010Gerard Smyth69Port Oriel
322010Len Jenkinson69Aubade
332010Howard Wright69Riobard
342010Lorna Shaughnessy69Carran
352010Irene Mosvold69Elegy for an Early Memory
362010Christine McNeill69Diviner
372010Patricia O'Callaghan69It's O.K.
382010Lorraine O'Reilly69Oranges in his Pockets
392010Patrick Chapman69Night in, Night out
402010Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin69In the Hillsfiction
412010Tolmino Baldassari69The FeetTranslated from Romagnolo via Italian Pearse Hutchinson
422010Pelle Lowe69The Visitations
432010Francis Harvey69Haiku
442010David Noone69The Elephantine Rose
442010Aleksey Porvin69Two untitled poemsTranslated from Russian by J.Kates
462010Gréagóir Ó Dúill69Mother-tongue, Father-tongueArticle on translating Crisdean MacIllebháin
52010Tom French70The Verge of Tears
72010Sam Gardiner70Mover
82010Andrew Jamison70Post
92010Niall Campbell70Interrupting Boccaccio
102010Aidan Murphy70Ski-ing Lesson,
112010Heather Jones70An Bradán Feasta
122010Eamon Mag Uidhir70Lino
132010Niall McGrath70Clearance
142010Michelle O'Sullivan70Anaesthesia
152010Leo Lavery70Assassination
162010Sabine Wichert70Nurture
202010Alan Weadick70Looker
212010Ainín Ní Bhroin70On the Eve of the Burial
222010Simon Ó Faoláin70Tauroboleum
232010Desmond Kett70Diptych
242010Francisco Brines70Fomhar na RósTranslated from Spanish by Pearse Hutchinson
242010Macdara Woods70In Summer Vacation
252010Adrian Kenny70Mister Pockfiction
302010Jackson Melnick70Our bodies have seasons
312010Christine Rhein70No
322010Richard W. Halperin70She Never Liked the Name They Gave Her Either
332010Caroline Price70Speed
342010Lawrence Dugan70A Graduation Party in Philadelphia
352010Ed Madden70Grief
362010Colm Scully70A Story told Backwards
392010J.Kates70The Translator
402010Nell Regan70Silence
402010Patrick Kehoe70El Modelo
412010Tom Phillips70A Visit from Locals
422010Knute Skinner70Impressions
432010Gerry Murphy70Holocaust Haggle
442010Tim Cunningham70Forecast
452010Hugh O'Donnell70Bearings
462010Teresa Lally70Parent-Teacher meeting
492010Natasha Cuddington70From a long poem
502010Terese Coe70Script reader
512010J. Kates70on Valzhyna MortReview
52011Rita Jacob71Katefiction
92011Ndrek Gjini71How to Read the Wind
102011Teresa Lally71The Neighbour from Magenta
122011Brian Leyden71Chapter and Verse
122011Joseph Allen71The Poet
132011Simon Jackson71Lost in the Forest
142011Ger Reidy71The Day My Watch Stopped
142011Patrick Moran71Old Towel
152011Howard Wright71Injury Time
162011Vincent Woods71Counting the Future
172011Richard Tillinghast71Snow in the Glen
182011Donna Storensen71Staward
192011Richard W. Halperin71In the Veneto
202011Liam Aungier71Commuting
212011Patrick Maddock71The Hour
222011Caitríona Ní Chleirchín71Capall Bán
242011Brian Lalor71Hugh Lane & the Children of LirEtching
262011Patricia O'Callaghan71Sixth Sense
272011Lucy E.M. Black71The Marzipan Fruit Basketfiction
322011Kieran Furey71Wet Winter Walk
332011Naton Leslie71You have the right to a surrogate
342011Robert Anthony Welch71The Crab ShackSee also Robert Welch
362011Juana Bignozzi71The Women of my heartTranslated from Spanish by Pearse Hutchinson
372011James Harpur71Visiting Julian of Norwich
382011Macdara Woods71Follies
392011Leland Bardwell71Crossing the Brow
402011Leo Lavery71Lilacs
412011Tadhg Russell71Trends
52011Pearse Hutchinson721969(July/ August 2011)
62011Sujata Bhatt72from Life with Appamemoir
92011Cíarán O'Driscoll72Dog's Word
102011Patrick Kehoe72Sow River
112011Maria Jastrzebska72Arrival
122011John Murphy72Before I count to ten
132011Gerard Smyth72The New City
142011Ainín Ní Bhroin72The Young
152011Hugh O'Donnell72Comic Entry
162011Evan Costigan72A Blast of Hot Air
172011Mary O'Donnell72Driving Invisible Through a World of Mirrors
182011Conor Bowman72The Pharmacist
192011Noel Conneely72Saturdays
202011Monica Corish72What happens when babies are born
212011Peggie Gallagher72Verge
222011Pauline Hall72EmergeFiction. See also Pauline Clarke
252011Terry McDonagh72In Hamburg
272011Tom French72A Christening
282011Gerry Murphy72Muse
292011Tom MacIntyre72The Wasp
302011Michael J. Whelan72DeliveranceSouth Lebanon, 1994
302011Christine McNeill72Charity
322011Brian Lalor72He Cannot Choose but Hearfrom The Ancient Mariner sequence of woodcuts
342011Aonghas MacNeacail72iorbal ceathaich/a vapour tailbilingual
352011Doireann Ní Ghríofa72Teach solais
362011Sue Fahy72Night Crossing
372011Howard Wright72Sampler
382011Michael Flynn72The Rick
392011Vincent Woods72Paris in a rambling house
402011Oliver Marshall72Family Mind
412011Natasha Cuddington72Feed Yous Choke
422011Len Jenkinson72Builder
422011Janet Shepperson71Dreaming myself into the Burrow
432011Richard W. Halperin72Unfinished conversations
432011Nicholas McLachlan71Two Trees
442011Tom MacIntyre71The Far East
442011Alan Jude Moore72Autostrada
452011Séan Hutton71Parables of francisan complexity: Pearse Hutchinso
462011Mary Branley72Our Lady of Coney
472011Fred Johnston72The Abattoir
482011Sabra Loomis72Elegy for Mary Hoban
502011Gabriel Rosenstock72Ko Un and His WorldsOn Translating a Korean Poet into Irish
92012Melita Cataldi73Manifesttranslation of Pearse Hutchinsoninto Piedmontese
112012Hugh McFaddan73Walking in Search of the LightIn Memory of Pearse Hutchinson
102012Michael Augustin73Ringing FindrumIn Memory of Pearse Hutchinson
102012Paddy Bushe73Féach Anois Thú i nDeireadh BháireIn Memory of Pearse Hutchinson
92012Michael O'Dea73No Detail Too SmallIn Memory of Pearse Hutchinson
72012Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin73SmallIn Memory of Pearse Hutchinson
82012Vincent Woods73Anamtranslated by Pearse HutchinsonEnglish
52012Seán Hutton73Do PhiarasIn Memory of Pearse Hutchinson
112012Charles Cullen73Pearse HutchinsonPencil drawing
62012Sujata Bhatt73Notes from IndiaIn Memory of Pearse Hutchinson
132012Michelle O'Sullivan73Ferryman
142012Stewart Sanderson73John Damian
152012Tom French73A Day
162012Chris Sakellaridis73Almost Foreign
172012Frank Dullaghan73Chance
182012Clare McCotter73Waltzing Margaret
192012Mary O'Donnell73Quake
202012Patrick Chapman73Celluloid Angel
212012Declan Sweeney73Talking
222012Svetlana Bodrunova73Before WinterTranslated by J.KatesRussian
232012Manuel Rivas73The Empty Hand (11-M)Translated by Lorna ShaughnessyGalician
242012Mark Czanik73The Show Housefiction
312012Enda Coyle-Greene73What happened
322012Michael Ray73Diggers
332012Macdara Woods73Seafoam
342012Tom MacIntyre73Brosna
352012Darren Donohue73Tuesday evening
352012Aidan Hayes73Pointersfor Johnny Mercer
362012Kerrie O'Brien73Absent
372012Liam Aungier73Smoke
372012Ann Marie Foley73Cutting Corn
382012Ger Reidy73When the Sky Weeps
382012Byron Beynon73Violasee also B.W Beynon
402012Richard W. Halperin73Aunt Min behind a Window
412012Gerard Beirne73This the Day of Slaughter
432012Jim Feeney73Main Street, 7.30am
442012Martin Bennett73After Cartier-Bresson
452012Howard Wright73The Palm Trees of Portadown
462012Patrick Maddock73Flailing the Hedge
472012Gary Allen73Our Cousin Sorrow
482012Áine Moynihan73Cailleach, gan choinne
482012Declan Collinge73Port na bPúcaí
492012Aonghas MacNeacail73Áiteachd/Agriculturebilingual
502012Michael Casey73Going home that November
512012Denis Ryan73Checkpoint
522012Noel King73Guns
522012Tom Phillips73Heritage
532012Mary Madec73Apple Tree
542012Leo Lavery73On my travels
552012Martin Dyar73Moy nurses
562012Caroline Price73Angelo
52012Eamon Grennan74Different Mergansers
62012Ciaran O'Driscoll74Head
82012Peter Arnds74Laurafiction
142012Alan Jude Moore74Do not stand alone
172012Richard W. Halperin74To Herself
182012Natalie Crick74Snapshot of Error
192012Luke Morgan74Memory
202012Knute Skinner74The Stairwell
212012Mary Wallace74Sea Song
212012Mary Branley74Night Prayer
222012Pearse Hutchinson74Suas Leat!
222012Declan Collinge74Up you go!traanslation of Suas Leat! By Pearse HutchinsonIrish
232012Doireann Ní Ghríofa74Scáil an Seáil
242012Ciarán Ó Coigligh74Pearse Hutchinsonbilingual
242012Tom Mathews74Something new
262012Nicholas Emmett74The Jobmemoir
292012Alan Weadick74Crumlin Lawn Bowling Clu
302012Patrick Maddock74Legacies
312012Fred Johnston74The Poet in New York
332012George Bowering74Dancing
342012Nicole Brossard74from The White Pianotranslated by Robert Majzels and Erin Mouré
362012Natasha Cuddington74Two poems
382012Fred Wah74The Snowflake Age
402012Sylvia Legris74Hymn-Spleen
422012Jan Zwicky74The Ruined Garden
442012Lissa Wolsak74Of Beings alone
472012Gustave Morin74factoriatypography
482012Tom MacIntyre74Poppy's leavetaking
492012Harriet O'Carroll74Long woman's grave
502012Aidan Murphy74The Grip
512012Susan Connolly74Mornington
522012Colm Scully74Ten Tomorrows: No 8
532012Dan O'Brien74The War Reporter Paul Watson
542012Nell Regan74Santa Fe
542012Erin Halliday74The Ulster Museum
552012Tom Philips74Ciarán O'Driscoll's "A Year's Midnight"review
572012Natasha Cuddington74Paul Grattan's "Daytime Astronomy"review
52013Howard Wright75Portstewart
62013Richard W. Halperin75Avenue de Breteuil
72013Tom French7502.07.2012
102013Ted Deppe75Madonna del Parto
112013Killian O'Donnell75Ana's email Barbecue
122013Michael Augustin75Operating Instructions
162013Gustave Morin75Untitleddrawing
172013Paddy Bushe75Fáilte na Gealaí roimh an RabhartaSee also Pádraig Bushe
182013Gréagóir Ó Dúill75Mótorbhealach
192013Simon Ó Faoláin75Maidin Fhliuch, Aberystwith
192013Rosemary Rowley75An Sciathán Briste
202013Mary Branley75Court
262013Carlos Drummond de Andrade75The Marriage of Heaven and HellTranslated by Pearse HutchinsonBrazilian Portguese
272013Pearse Hutchinson75The Green Window1.8.2010, 5.10 a.m.
282013Macdara Woods75Big-top MusicAetat LXX, July 2012
292013John Liddy75A Wish for the Morning Light
312013Pelle Lowe75Annunciation
312013Liam Ryan75Knowledgeafter Tadeusz Rosewicz
332013Philip Coleman75Uncle Donie
352013Jean-Pierre Rosnay75Open Foresttranslated by J. KatesFrench
362013Leo Lavery75Aunt Isabella
362013Patricia O'Callaghan75Night Shift
372013Hugh O'Donnell75Repossession
382013Caroline Price75Carillon
392013Fred Johnston75Secret Pools
402013Knute Skinner75Her Life Story
402013Patrick Maddock75The List of Places
412013Ainín Ní Bhroin75Even Now
422013Naton Leslie75Caroline Street
432013Ciaran O'Driscoll75The Daub
442013Susan Wicks75The Drowned
452013Patrick Deeley75Monkey Puzzle
462013Peggie Gallagher75Briar
462013Gerard Smyth75The Last Voices
472013Diarmuid Fitzgerald75On Brighton Beach
482013James Conor Patterson75The Shipping Forecast
482013Tom Phillips75Going Home the Old Road
492013Sujata Bhatt75A Chinese Cook
502013Thomas Lynch75Par rum pum pum pum
522013Patrick Moran75Hay
532013Natasha Cuddington75Review of Tadeusz Dabrowski
52013Peter Sirr76The Streets
62013Paula Meehan76from Geomantic
92013Gerard Smyth76The View from St Augustine Street
102013Macdara Woods76Old Men in Henry Street
122013Gerry Murphy76O'Donnell's suburban idyll
132013Adrian Kenny76Mintfiction
172013Enda Wyley76Gardens. Royal Hospital
182013Theo Dorgan76A Blessing from the City Fathers
192013Aidan Murphy76J's Elegy
202013Brian Lalor76Topless Towersetching
232013Matthew Sweeney76The poem you've been waiting for
242013Ciaran O'Driscoll76Limerick Salad
262013David Lilburn76Footprint of the Celtic Tigerdrypoint
272013John Liddy76On the Go
282013Willem M. Roggeman76Bán/Dubhtranslated by Gabriel RosenstockOllainnis
282013Gréagóir Ó Dúill76Cártaí
292013Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin76Kali in CorkArticle reprints Patrick Galvin's Sister Mary
322013Jean-Pierre Rosnay76The Right to Ravetranslated by J. KatesFrench
352013Marcella O'Connor76Harbour
362013Mary Noonan76My Mother, Aged Fourteen
372013Patrick Maddock76The Outside World
382013Lawrence Dugan76The Typists and Who they Were
392013Siobhán Campbell76The Shame of Our Island
402013Richard W. Halperin76What she's Doing There
412013Patrick Kehoe76Calle Provenza ii
422013Ellen Glassie76Pegeen
432013Frank Dullaghan76The Fallen
452013Sujata Bhatt76 Redness
462013Augustus Young76In Memory of my Neighbour M.Jacky
482013Eamonn Lynskey76Miracles
482013Geraldine Mitchell76Warning Shots
492013Leo Lavery76Cemetery Sunday
502013David McLoghlin76Interview with Pearse Hutchinsoninterview
52014Eamonn Wall77Missouri River Runner Broken Down Trainafter Tomas Transtromer
72014John Kinsella77Post-Traumatic
82014Peter Sheehan77Eggtime in August
92014Tom French77AnAirman in Mornington
102014Hans-Christian Oeser & Gabriel Rosenstock77Interview with Séamus Heaneyinterview
222014Doireann Ní Ghríofa77Frozen Food
232014Philip Cummins77Bite
242014Alan Weadick77Concrete
242014Martin Bennett77City Storm
252014Nell Regan77Two Poems
262014Owen Gallagher77Fathering Mother
272014Kelly Creighton77Authorised Absence
282014John Murphy77Aurora
292014Richard W. Halperin77So Many Rooms
302014Sue Fahy77Lay of the Land
312014Michael Farry77Homeward
332014Clare McCotter77The Light in Argenteuil
342014Peter Arnds77The Great Thawfiction
432014Erin Fornoff77Skinny Dip
442014Michael Augustin77Baltic Sea Sightingscollage
462014David Murphy77The Royal Way
472014Macdara Woods77In Spite of Which
482014Scott Elder77Breaking Away
492014Len Jenkinson77The Bungalowfiction
592014Natalie Crick77We have come so far
602014Niall McGrath77The Way it is
612014Liam Ryan77Over in Japan
622014Patrick Kehoe77The Day and the Night We Met
632014Hugh O'Donnell77A Case for Supervision
642014Michael Casey77A Plane at Night
642014Fred Johnston77First Time in a Submarine
652014Sam Burnside77Truth
662014Natasha Cuddington77Nicole Brossard The White Pianoreview
52014Augustus Young78On not meeting Ubaldo João Ribeiromemoir
122014Fred Johnston78Cartoon
132014Joseph Allen78Among the trees
142014Larry Stapleton78Lepas Anatifera
152014Adrian Kenny78Good Fridayfiction
192014Rachel Coventry78Waning
202014Alan Weadick78Dealer
212014Diarmuid Fitzgerald78Gaze
222014Gréagóir Ó Dúill78An Bhearú gona Cleamhnas
242014Leo Lavery78Today
242014Kate O'Shea78Pyjamas for Pygmies
252014Davnet Heery78Seed
262014Howard Wright78Mauve
262014Patrick Hopkins78The Boys round Rathmore
272014Owen Gallagher78Ireland was not my Mother
282014Sally Nash78Pillar of Saltfiction (pseudonym)
292014Aidan Hayes78Needless to Say
202014Alan Weadick78Scut, Dealer
312014Adam White78The Kitchen Dresserafter Rimbaud
322014Carina Jeisy78Wearing Blackfiction see also Carina McNally
352014Martin Bennett78from Footnotes From An Old Retainer
362014Tom French78Henderson's Hardware, Donegal Town
372014Caroline Price78Swan on the A46
372014Aizerim Tazhi78Two Poemstranslated by J. KatesRussian
382014Andriana Ierodiaconou78The Cypresstranslated by the authorGreek
392014Knute Skinner78Particulars
402014Emilio Araúxo78Peliqueiro, Santiago de Arribaphotograph
412014Fiona Pitt-Kethley78Miners
412014Patrick Kehoe78Plaza de Toros Monumental
422014Maria Merce Marcal78Poking Abouttranslated by Anna CroweCatalan
422014Pedro Serrano78A Prisonertranslated by Anna CroweSpanish
432014Anna Aguilar-Amat78Happinesstranslated by Anna CroweCatalan
442014Francesc Parcerisas78The Egyptian Roomtranslated by Anna CroweCatalan
452014Antonio Praena78Perhaps a Swallowtranslated by Michael O'LoughlinSpanish
462014Martín Veiga78Palimpsesttranslated by Lorna ShaughnessyGalician
472014José Maria Alvarez78Name Writ in Watertranslated by John LiddySpanish
482014Blanca Castellón78Of the Utmost Importancetranslated by Roger HickinSpanish
482014Alicia Aza78Stalagmitestranslated by J. Kates abd Stephen A. SadowSpanish
502014Sergio Badillo Castillo78The Rörstrand Vasetranslated by Roger HickinSpanish
512014Rómulo Bustos Aguirre78Ballad of the hosetranslated by Richard GwynSpanish
522014Juan Manuel Roca78Landscape with Beggarstranslated by Richard GwynSpanish
532014Piedad Bonnett78Biography of a Fearful Mantranslated by Richard GwynSpanish
542014Ausias March78Let them Celebratetranslated by Peter SirrCatalan
552014Marina Oroza78My Past in a Cardboard Boxtranslated by Pearse HutchinsonSpanish
562014José Gomes Ferreira78A Cry in Heaventranslated by Pearse HutchinsonPortuguese
562014José Emilio Pacheco78In Full Knowledgetranslated by Pearse HutchinsonSpanish
562014Narcís Comadina78Weathertranslated by Pearse HutchinsonCatalan
572014Uxío Novoneyra78from The Fieldstranslated by Pearse HutchinsonGalician
572014Emilio Araúxo78The Farmhand's Last Actiontranslated by Pearse HutchinsonGalician
582014Aurora Luque78Siesta Eipiciúraisaistrithe ag Pearse HutchinsonSpanish
582014Susana Cella78Bróga Láib-Smearthaaistrithe ag Tomás MacSíomóinSpanish
592014Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin78Exile and Friendshipreview article
52015Caitlín Maude79Tangledtranslated by Doireann Ní GhríofaIrish
72015Cathal Ó Searcaigh79Deserted Townlandstranslated by Gabriel RosenstockIrish
82015Micheál Ó hUanacháin79Capaill Ráís
92015Anna Boner79Getawayfiction
162015Lorraine Whelan79Two Haikus
172015Richard W. Halperin79Dacha
182015Paddy Moran79After
202015George Gomori79Arriving in Englandtranslated by George SzirtesHungarian
202015Jacques Moulin79The Sea Fronttranslated by David BallFrench
212015Julie Morrissy79Joint
222015Kathleen O'Driscoll79Noahfiction
252015Joan Slowey79Time Out
262015John O'Malley79Discovering Diaspora
272015Terry McDonagh79Innocence and Pretence
282015Tom French79The Fathers raising the Nets
292015Gerard Smyth79Old Flames
302015Madelaine Nerson McNamara79Out of Breath
302015Patrick Maddock79Victim
322015Michael Augustin79Schiller's Wee Sister Dreaming 1collage
352015John Murphy79Akeldama
362015Maria Baranda79The Fishes' TaleTranslated by Lorna ShaughnessySpanish
372015Lorna Shaughnessy79 Maria Barandaarticle
382015Harald Hartung79Forgotten Line
392015Jan Wagner79Toucan, Smithfield Market
402015Thomas Rosenlocher79The Carousel of Flakes
412015Eva Bourke79on Harald Hartung, Jan Wagner & Thomas Rosarticle
422015Ileana M?l?ncioiu79SnapshotTranslated by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
422015Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin79 Ileana Malancioiuarticle
432015Regina Derieva79There was still another streetTranslated by J. KatesRussian
452015J.Kates79Tatiana Neshmovaarticle
442015Tatiana Neshumova79All NothingTranslated by J. KatesRussian
462015Landa Wo79Adieufiction translated by the authorFrench
482015Dan O'Brien79The War Reporter Outside the Medical School
492015David Cooke79Peggy
502015Clare McCotter79Road Works
512015James O'Sullivan79The Laundry
522015Noel King79Cracks
532015Mary Melvin Geoghegan79Ghost of the Mart
542015Macdara Woods79Old Men
552015Kieran Furey79from Venitian Blinds
562015Howard Wright79The Sperrins
562015Tadhg Russell79Reverie
572015Eleanor Hooker79Upended
582015Desmond Graham79The Lightness of German
52015Richard W. Halperin80Barry Avenue1951
62015Katie Donovan80Wedding
72015Adrian Kenny80Notes from Jamaicamemoir
132015David McLoghlin80from Santiago Sketches
142015Dylan Brennan80Chamla
152015Peter Arnds80A home for the molefiction
222015Augustus Young80Interim stopmemoir
252015Carmen Zenil80from Crescendotranslated by Tim MacGabhannSpanish
262015Joseph Woods80Why do the wrong people travel?article
312015Mary Branley80The Inspectorfiction
352015Janet Mullarney80Self searchingPapier maché, light box, 2015
362015Patrick Chapman80The Transient
372015Scott Elder80Notes from the field
382015Ciarán O'Rourke80Man kneeling in grassFrancis Bacon 1952
392015Patrick Kehoe80Film
402015Ainín Ní Bhroin80Assurances
412015Fred Johnston80Condolences
422015Alan Weadick80Deaf school
432015John O'Malley80According to myself
442015Cathi Weldon80Crone
452015David Cooke80Wren boy
462015Marzelle Robertson80The inheritor
472015Holly Clark Coburn80Two untitled senryu
482015Teresa Lally80Poor mouth
482015Mary Ellen Fean80Dust
492015Iain Britton80Three compression poems
512015Jim Maguire80Mr Newby
522015Damian Smyth80The Teconnaught cognito
542015Tim Cunningham80Remembering
552015Tom French80At the well
562015Geraldine Mitchell80Jack
562015Luke Morgan80Hermann ink blot test
572015Gerry Murphy80From the footpath archive
582015Brian Docherty80The Zither player
592015Daniel Reardon80For the saigas
602015Ciaran O'Driscoll80The copper mines of Peru
622015Andrey Voznesensky80Literary boomtranslated by J. KatesRussian
622015Igor Irtenev80An awful picturetranslated by J. KatesRussian
632015Gréagóir Ó Dúill80Timpeallán
642015Howard Wright80Salomé
642015Macdara Woods80Easter Sunday 2015
652015Eamonn Wall80Philip Casey "Tried and Sentenced"review
52016Gregory O'Brien81Ode to the Kermadec Trench
82016Gregory O'Brien81Opunake, Tananakii.m. Stephen Hickey 1958 2015
92016Gregory O'Brien81Pacific Talisman
102016Robert Sullivan81Why do we only do it in the rain?
102016John Dennison81Ludstone Road Substation
102016Ashleigh Young81Rooms
112016Ashleigh Young81Turkeys
122016Jenny Bornholdt81Storm
132016Chris Tse81Storm
122016Caoilinn Hughes81On Principle
142016Paula Green81No Hunting - All Private Land
142016Dinah Hawkin81Haze
142016Bill Manhire81Coastal
162016Amber Esau81The Eight Time
182016Diana Bridge81A pounamu paperweight
192016Caroline Price81Where the path leads
212016Timothy Houghton81Vector
222016Leo Lavery81A Grecian Urn
222016Leo Lavery81Don Quixote
232016Mary O'Donnell81Sandals
242016Gregory O'Brien81A Sextant for the renavigation of the Kermadec Ridetching with aquatint 510mm x 400mm
242016Gregory O'Brien81Love Song of Katherine Mansfield at Menton, 2010etching 510mm x 400mm
262016Nell Regan81New School
262016Nell Regan81Due Date
262016Nell Regan81Make of life what you will
272016Gerard Smyth81An Apparition
282016Jim Feeney81Parking
282016Jim Feeney81Mount Aconagua
312016Aidan Hayes81Aah I was worse one time
292016John Murphy81Where the Brown River Flows
322016Ted Deppe81Lunchtime Concert in Galway
332016Marian Kilcoyne81Girl
342016Mary Montague81The Road Back
332016Ndrek Gjini81Epitaphs
352016John FitzGerald81Allocution
362016Knute Skinner81Thinning Out
362016Knute Skinner81The Same Old Story
372016Patrick Maddock81Leaders
382016Pól Breathnach81An Cuairteoir
382016Simon Ó Faoláin81Páidir Máthar i lár na Meánmhara
392016Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh81Tuairsc ón ngealt-teach iargúlta
402016Carina McNally81Locked Upfiction see also Carina Jeisy
432016Tom French81Taint
432016Tom French81Star Wars on Skellig Michael
452016Aifric McGlinchey81Hunters
462016Macdara Woods81Personal Judgement
472016Louise C. Callaghan81Hallucination
482016John O'Malley81Another Round House
482016Tim Dwyer81On the Way to the Poetry Festival
492016Richard W. Halperin81Sunday Morning 2
502016Stuart Pickford81Duchy Grove
512016Natasha Cuddington81Two Poems
522016Martin Dolan81from Mirror Man
542016Séamus Carraher81Sep-17
552016Eamonn Lynskey81A Connaught Man's Rambles
562016Vincent Woods81The Leitrim Iron Reel
572016J.Kates & Roger Hickin81Saying Ourselves: A Conversationarticle
52016Mary Noonan82Valentine
62016Joseph Woods82South Seas
62016Joseph Woods82Sounds Familiar
82016Jo Slade82Visitation
82016Jo Slade82Blindness
92016Arthur Broomfield82Assumpta
102016Eamonn Wall82Roofs of La Crosse
102016Lawrence Dugan82The Emerson
112016William Leo Coakley82Return
122016Doireann Ní Ghríofa82An Bróiste Rúiseach
122016Pádraig Mac Suibhne82Patience
132016Howard Wright82A Seal in Belfast Lough
142016Michael Augustin82UntitledTwo collages
152016Michael Augustin82UntitledTwo collages
162016Roman Mikheenkov82Personal SongFiction; translated by Alexander Phillipov, revised by Siobhán McNamaraRussian
292016Richard W. Halperin82Consilio
292016Richard W. Halperin82Macedonia
302016Tom Phillips82The Young Miller's Tale
312016Patrick Kehoe82Refugio
322016Angela McCabe82Sunday Night
332016Siobhán Campbell82Warrenpoint
332016Peter LoBianco82Karsitic audible
342016Niall McGrath82Janitor
352016Amanda Bell82Bumblebees
352016Adam Wyeth82Chestnut
362016Maria Attanasio82His name was Tarektranslated by Eiléan Ní ChuilleanáinItalian
372016Gian Pietro Lucini82Eveningtranslated by Corman Ó CuilleanáinItalian
382016Sibilla Aleramo82There's a Branch in Blossomtranslated by Emer DelaneyItalian
382016Sibilla Aleramo82from a Photographtranslated by Emer DelaneyItalian
392016Antonella Anedda82Two Prose Poemstranslated by Jamie McKendrickItalian
392016Amelia Rosselli82All the World's a Widowtranslated by Peter SirrItalian
402016Cesare Pavese82Deola in the Cafétranslated by Peter SirrItalian
412016Giorgio Caproni82Prayertranslated by Peter SirrItalian
422016Walter Cremonte82OrpheusTranslated by Eiléan Ní ChuilleanáinItalian
422016Walter Cremonte82In the CageTranslated by Eiléan Ní ChuilleanáinItalian
432016Tom French82Bird
422016Achille Serrao82Snowfallstranslated by Ciaran O'DriscollItalian
432016Tom French82A Blind Eye
452016Paddy Moran82Swoop
462016Winifred McNulty82Wood
462016Winifred McNulty82Glimpse
472016Knute Skinner82What I have assembled
482016Hugh O'Donnell82Daffodil Day
482016Mary Turley-McGrath82The Storm
492016Fred Johnston82Truck
502016Stuart Pickford82After
502016Stuart Pickford82Beams
512016John W. Sexton82Such moments
522016Clare McCotter82Amy's Song
522016Clare McCotter82Fitting In
542016Majella Kelly82Sex
542016Majella Kelly82Dark Room
552016Grace Wilentz82Everything feels like a sign
562016Alan Weadick82Watch
562016Alan Weadick82Outside the former Building Society
572016Marzelle Robertson82Rare House
572016Marzelle Robertson82Line Camp
582016J.Kates82Quitman Brook
592016D.M. Spitzer82Reclinging Figures
602016Ostap Slyvynsky821918Translated by Anatoly KudryavitskyUkrainian
602016Serhiy Zhadan82BuoysTranslated by Anatoly KudryavitskyUkrainian
622016Moya Cannon82Orvietosee also Máire Ní Chanainn
612016Rody Gorman82Mae Ain Airt
622016Moya Cannon82St Patrick's Wellsee also Máire Ní Chanainn
632016Siobhán Campbell82on Mary O'Donnell and Michelle O'Sullivanreview
672017Gréagóir Ó Dúill83Glas Binne
52017Desmond Hogan83Famine Rainfiction
242017Rita Ann Higgins83She is Not Afraid of Burglarsin memory of Leland Bardwell
322017Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin83The Raging Foamin memory of Leland Bardwell
252017Gerald Mangan83from a Memoirin memory of Leland Bardwell
342017Macdara Woods83Letter to Leland, 2002in memory of Leland Bardwell
382017Jo Slade83Portrait of Leland Bardwell
392017Nicholas McLachlan83The Likes of Us
402017Leland Bardwell83Room
402017Leland Bardwell83The Party Ended Yesterday
402017Leland Bardwell83Crossing the Brow
422017Brian Leyden83Calling on Leland Bardwellmemoir
452017Mary Branley83Final Quarterin memory of Leland Bardwell
462017Nicholas McLachlan83To the Stable Bornfiction
532017Terry McDonagh83Wi-Fi Poaching
542017Tom French83Madame F
542017Tom French83The Buzzer
552017Mary Montague83Post mortem
562017James Finnegan83There is a winter
562017Richard W. Halperin83Sanctuary
572017Ciaran Buckley83Embers
592017Jim Feeney83A Turn of Events
582017Joseph Woods83Something new about the Heron
602017Rose Auslander83Resounding Silencetranslated by Christine McNeillGerman
602017Rose Auslander83At Hometranslated by Christine McNeillGerman
612017John Gosslee83All of the Plant is Edible
622017Gabriella Attems83from December Trees
622017Gillian Somerville-Large83Peace
632017Rachael Hegarty83The Bonesetter
642017Peggie Gallagher83Nocturne
642017Gerard Smyth83Girley Bog
652017Tadhg Russell83Short Hours
652017Tadhg Russell83Long Years
652017Tadhg Russell83The Trap
662017Aifric MacAodha83Le hImeacht Aimsire
682017Caroline Price83Before she dies, my mother
692017Wendy Mooney83Country House Hotel
702017Thomas McCarthy83An Emergency of Ornaments
702017Regina Derieva83TuesdayTranslated by J. KatesRussian
702017Regina Derieva83Last PoemTranslated by J. KatesRussian
722017Lucy McDiarmid83 "A Restless Life" - Leland Bardwellreview
742017Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin83on Adam White and Dylan Brennanreview
442017Richie McCaffery84Note to Self
52017Margarita Meklina84The Princess Bed
182017Hugh O'Donnell84Line of Enquiry
192017Howard Wright84Night Swans
192017Howard Wright84Ways and Means
192017Howard Wright84The Reception
202017Nell Regan84Dormitory, Benediction
202017Ger Reidy84April Morning
212017Daniel Reardon84Flying Foxes
222017Gráinne Tobin84A City Break in Lyon
232017Mary O'Donnell84New Year's Eve, 1958
242017Desmond Graham84My Father's Idioms
242017James Conway84The Botanic Gardens
262017Órla Fay84York's Walls
262017John Michael Mouskos84Earth
272017Anne Coughlan84Child
282017Peggy O'Brien84Dust