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Leland Bardwell

The editors of Cyphers are sad to announce the death of our beloved Leland Bardwell, poet playwright and novelist.  She died at 94, but until the end of her eighties she was an active and valuable member of our editorial board.  She was drawn to writing that was lively and original, especially when it came in a new voice.  Her own poem ‘A Single Rose’ shows her ironic dismissal of all establishments:

by Leland Bardwell

I have willed my body to the furthering of science
Although I’ll not be there
to chronicle my findings
I can imagine all the students
poring over me:
“My God, is that a liver?
And those brown caulifowers are lungs?”
“Yes, sir, a fine example of how not to live.”
“And what about the brain?”
“Alas the brain. I doubt if this poor sample
ever had one.” As with his forceps
he extracts a single rose.

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